Appoints 10 NRIs News Media Executives in Los Angeles Area

Who are the Members, and why are they condemn Fake Media, Fake Politicians & Fake People

-Promoting NRI philanthropy

-More and more NRIs are realising that this is an important time to invest in making this place work.

Los Angeles, Sep. 17, 2017 Singh Grewal, Southern California press executives meeting was held at Hamalayan Restaurant, 17221 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701, on September 17, 2017, 2.30pm- 4.30pm. During the meeting, News media Company today announced the recent appointment of 10 key News Media executives who will cover NRI News in Southern California area, develop partnership with NRI Business Community, support NRI associations and hold NRI seminars.

  • 2ND BATCH of 10 News Media Digital Executives WILL BE ANNOUCED SOON executives team members are professors, lawyers, biologists, realtors, doctors, grocers and always condemn Fake Media, Fake Politicians & Fake People. NRIpress-Club, Southern California Model: We have 4-NRIpress-Clubs under Southern California Model viz. South LA County, North LA County, Orange County and Riverside County.

From (L to R) Baljinder Singh Sidhu, A.Gary Singh Grewal, Baljinder Hundal, Sukhwinder K. Hundal, Sukhwinder Sambhi, Surinderjit Sambhi, Lali Sandhu (Advisor), Jaswinder Dhillon, Roshan Khandwal, Harbhajan Samra (Advisor), Balwinder Garcha .... ....................................BIGGER VIEW------->>>>>> ..Click
1 Baljinder Singh Sidhu North LA County
2 A.Gary Singh Grewal Artesia/Orange Con
4 Surinder S Sambhi North LA County ssambhi@NRIpress.vom
5 Jasminder S Dhillon Palm Spring Area
6 Roshan Khandpur Artesia/Orange Con
7 Balwinder Garcha Artesia
8 Shamsher Sidhu North LA County
9 Sunil Agarwal North LA County
10 Col Raj Sohi (NRI India News) India

"Technology has changed everything including Journalism. We need to be able to gather information, able to think and tell a story, rest of the press release will be done by our Journalism team. Simply we need Network of honest people who can give report whatever they  have observed.," said A. Gary Singh Grewal. "  Now we have a team of Highly Educated & Experienced and genuinely strong Individuals who have the vision to serve the community and benefit from NRIpress Sources and Resources."

The President and founder, A.Gary Singh Grewal opened the proceedings by stating that the main theme of today will be upstream growth of Our NRIpress-Club division has a strong pipeline of attractive projects. The majority of the people  in our community think journalism have been reduced to  a photo opportunity with a politician or a celebrity  and fund raising for Interest groups survival. Without trusted media we can't make good decisions.  This is the challenge we take it seriously at NRIPress club.

 We’ve been discussing about NRI’s life here in the US and elsewhere. In fact, it feels like we’re hit by multiple issues such as Generation Gap between NRI Parents and NRI Children, placing NRI parents in a Nursing Homes, Divorce Rates Increased Over Time in NRI Community and NRI’s properties are being grabbed by their own relatives in India etc.

 For the past two years, we were in the process of making the NRIpress-Club Model in Southern California, which we have finalized on August 31, 2017. Now we are ready to implement the same model format in Toronto/ Chicago/ NYC and other countries like India, UK and Australia by starting on Jan 01, 2018. This is the best way to give back to our NRI Community and be proud of our heritage.

"Every single day, audiences flock to NRIpress Media's local and national brands for some of the most trusted news, entertainment and sports information," said Gary Singh Grewal. "During the past year, NRIpress Media's digital properties have generated incredible audience growth, reaching a record-breaking combined millions unique visitors.

  •  For over 15 years, we have been providing "free" services to the NRI Community worldwide.We have promoted our NRI EntrepreneursNRI Politicians, NRI Associations and Philanthropists by writing articles/photos regarding their success and philanthropy within the NRI community and have asked for no financial incentives in return.
  • We are always there for NRIs when they need help from us for any event, press release, NRI seniors, Divorce or  Property related problems in India. Now we are approaching like-minded people like you who can invest some time or money in Education, Media and NRI projects.