IT Companies or IT Individuals: who will take full responsibility to develop and run the operation of this project
  ...........................SHAREs ISSUE .........Development Cost Reimbursement
  Web Developer Will be issued Incentive 250,000 shares towards the development cost plus more reserved shares with 75% discount (Company can compensate) All Development or operation cost payments will be reimbursed ---Guaranteed, Inc's Shares Entities ----Click
Same As Above





  Development Actions Share Funds or % To Fund Collector 2021 NOTE
1 IT company can develop Priority-1 for test purpose
  • Get Sponsors for News
  • Pay NRIpress $500/month for 2018/2019 and $1000.month 2020
  • From 2021: Any funds collected, can be shared 50/25/25
20% will be provided to individual who bring funds One Million shares will be reserved with 90% discount

--If any reason, unable to run the project, 250000 shares will be provided

--You must help to get right party to continue the project because you are still partner of the company

2 Raise funds in the mean time
  • Power Point to bigger groups
3 Develop the Priority-2 project with the clause 22 website sponsors
  • 22 Websites can be leased or rent