The rapid growth of mobile is a key factor driving the move to digital news. Americans over 50 are still somewhat less likely to consume news digitally as those under 50: about 43% of those aged 50 to 64 get some form of digital news yesterday compared with 60% of the younger age groups.

DearNew York/New JerseyNRI Associates
This is an open invitation for you to join a national/world level NRI network. Technology has changed everything including Journalism. We need to be able to gather information, able to think and tell a story, rest of the press release will be done by our Journalism team. 

  • To stay ahead in the News Media digital age and to achieve our business development objectives, we  have  established our team to prioritize digital media, mobile platforms, and social distribution-not risk losing touch with our audience.
  • Through our team, you will able to press release for NRI community events or like to express your inside desires or feelings  or experience to help NRI community, 2nd generation  or NRI problems in India through our weekly press release.

This News Media Executive Team shall control the all functions's press releases, NRI Community News and allow other news articles in your city under your supervision. As News Board member, you will be highly respected and recognized from Hollywood to Bollywood functions/ Local Functions and White house to New Delhi Functions.