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.Diamond and Platinum Sponsors who like to serve NRI Community or officially  in NRIpress Project local or worldwide, please fill up this page:

 Member’s Name____________________________ Sponsor Date__________________/_______

Payment Yearly (Diamond  or Platinum members):


Initial 2018

















  -Can be upgraded any time to Platinum member

NOTE: DIAMOND & PLATINUM  members  may apply to  get incentive shares to grow according to their ability, time and their interest in the project:

      1. May Involve in management locally and worldwide
      2. May Involve  in news and IT operation
      3. Platinum members can get financial incentive according their interest, need and involvement. If you are a platinum member:
        1. You will be able to recover your sponsorship through commission incentives
        2. You will still able to get shares of the company as mention in our website
      4. Founder members in their city or State and co-founders in other countries
      5. Expansion operation –preference will be given to Diamond and Platinum members