(XX)......Revenue and Expenses Estimate

After Developing our New Web -Development Project in 2020

We already have identified potential expenses for action items as well as potential revenue for each target market group we develop. Here we combine that information with our current operations to get a complete financial picture. Consider developing best-case and worst-case scenarios, +!0% growth or -10% growth

Strategic Plan Revenue Estimate

An easy approach for estimating potential revenue is to estimate the potential revenue for each target customer group separately. Ideally, it gives us a rough idea of how much revenue or sales per customer we can anticipate generating. We find out the information- Estimated number of customers, estimated average sale per customer and estimated number of sales per customer per year.

  • NEWS SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM: 30% Revenue from News sponsorship program who become automatically NRIpress.club members  from Silver to Platinum. Our sponsors in general are highly successful business persons, entrepreneurs, professionals and associations.
  • 22 WEBSITES MEGA PROJECT: 30% Revenue of Advertisement of NRIpress.club members on 22 Website Mega  Project - We promote Businesses on our 22 website Mega project such as NRIaccountant.com/ NRIdoctors.com/ NRIrealtors.com is under development.
  • Direct NRIpress Regular Membership revenue  This membership is not involve in promotion except initial one page BIO
  • Advertisement on NRIpress.club Website on home page as well as extension pages
  • 30% revenue from Video Hot Top Panel
  • 30%  revenue from Function Event

Strategic Plan Expenses Estimate:

We estimate our current operating expenses by forecasting each item based on how it increases to accommodate for the expected growth.

For the past 10 years, we never depend upon advertisement revenue. We reduced our expenses from $50,000 year to $15000 per year by involving young IT VOLUNTEERS or by providing shares of the company. Most of the volinteers are agreed, If the company grow, they grow.

  • Reduced overhead expenses by involving IT professionals who like to help NRI Community by volunteer services. with the attraction of Company's incentive shares program.
  • Our estimated bills (around $10,000/year) for servers, domains, hosting and News costs are paid by our sponsors, NRI Philanthropists, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners