To expand the Network in your City- We must have functions twice-a-year
Absolutely, Positively the Best Referral Program Ideas
(Accountant /Doctors/Realtors/Grocers…so on)

  • NRI Business Network can lead to business opportunities, joint ventures and partnerships, great source of connections, and really opens the door to attain new clients with referrals and client leads.
  • In a nutshell, the bigger your NRI Business network, the more trusted referrals you’ll get

To Stop Losing NRI Referral Business, we set up 20-25 website project

Our Project of over 20 websites  such as NRI realtors, NRI accountants, NRI dentists, NRI doctors, NRI Restaurants…so on, with  minimum 10 members  of each website:

  • Can organize the functions 2-3 times a year to expand the NRI Businesses Network
  • Can Update News of their Website and press release to their members
  • Can promote NRI Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and philanthropists.