• NRIpress.com, Inc is not acting solely as a for-profit industry, but as a profession with a social responsibility to promote NRIs through new technology, accurate journalism through NRI Community and to set up NRI business Network worldwide.
  • In the year 2000, like-minded Engineers from Michigan (USA) and Ontario (Canada) realized that NRIs need NRI NEWS MEDIA and they started NRIinternet.com media Community Services in North America.
  • In 2007, NRIpress.com, Inc. was established under the State of California, USA with overwhelming response from sponsors and readers. Now NRIpress.com, Inc. is the California Based first ‘NRI MEDIA FIRM’ to provide current NRI news worldwide.
  • We have grown in numbers from 2 people (founders) to more than 100 people worldwide which include Journalists, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Writers, 'subject matter experts' and advisers who stepped to the line and said: “WE WANT THE CHANGE”.

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1 To meet the needs of over 25 million NRIs worldwide including to help Senior’s social isolation and loneliness, family disputes, business disputes and non-problematic relationship with drugs.
2 To develop partnership with NRI Business Community by promoting their Businesses worldwide NRI businesses that share the database of customers and to reach around 50 million people in India, who are desirous of doing business overseas and with NRIs.
3 Encourage NRI Youths to set up youth social/ recreational centers where boys and girls can socialize within their own groups to get guidance of higher education and Alcohol/Drug awareness. We can help to diminish gap between first and 2nd generation.
4 Organize Annual Functions and seminars to honor the best and the brightest of our NRI Community. Encourage NRIs to be involved in local politics and Indian politics. Also Encourage to raise funds for victims of a disaster and Organize a drug-free campaign.
News Media Why do we think the Jews control the media - We condemn Slanted Media and encourage involvement in NRI News Media and Live Video Hot Topics Panel with the help of NRI Entrepreneurs and NRI Leaders for press releases. Click
TO TRAIN MORE WOMEN IN NRI MEDIA: Through our programs, we empower women journalists with the training, opportunities, protection, recognize and support to become leaders in the NRI news industry. In this program, it will be started with 5 students. Click
6 To set up NRIpress.Club in major cities of the world where NRI population is concentrated to develop NRI Network in their areas.
  • We  recognize 40-50 NRIs officially in each major city who can serve NRI Community and involve in News Media as Founder and Co-founder in their cities or States.


" To Become the Global Leader in News and Entertainment Media worldwide, servicing NRI's in the Global Marketplace by 2023"
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