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Harry Sidhu


Harry Sidhu Unveils Economic Action Plan
Criticizes Incumbent County Supervisor as a “Job Killer”

Anaheim, CA, August 31, 2010
Chris Jones

Anaheim Businessman and Mayor Pro Tem Harry Sidhu today unveiled his ‘Action Plan for Economic Renewal’ to bring jobs and economic prosperity back to North Orange County.

“The people of North Orange County need stronger leadership to rebuild our struggling economy and bring jobs to our communities. My Economic Renewal Plan is a comprehensive approach to restoring the prosperity we once enjoyed,” said Sidhu.

“My Action Plan includes tax and regulatory relief to encourage business expansion, promote economic investment and help our small businesses thrive,” continued Sidhu. “It calls for a dramatic expansion of the County’s outreach efforts to attract international business employment and overseas trade opportunities for local employers.  Orange County must be more aggressive in searching out new business both in other states and abroad.”

“Finally, my Plan calls for reforming county government to eliminate unnecessary spending and reduce pension debt. Orange County should be a resource, not a roadblock, to economic growth,” stated Sidhu. 

“As a Councilman, I have built a strong pro-business record in Anaheim and helped my city earn national recognition for ‘freedom friendly’ job creation policies. This record stands in stark contrast to our incumbent County Supervisor, who has chosen to use his office for personal financial gain and political payback rather than improving our economy,” declared Sidhu.

“Mr. Nelson’s decision to oppose needed housing projects in Fullerton and his history of filing anti-business lawsuits, have cost Orange County hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs. We cannot afford a job killer like Shawn Nelson as our County Supervisor,” concluded Sidhu.

A local business owner, Harry Sidhu has served nearly six years on the Anaheim City Council. Prior to winning election to the City Council in 2004, Harry worked as a consulting engineer with Hughes Aircraft and other defense companies, before earning his real estate license in 1991. Harry moved to Anaheim in 1994 where he resides with his wife and two children.


Harry Sidhu’s Action Plan for Economic Renewal

  Creating Jobs

  • Reduce Government Bureaucracy—Streamline county operations to eliminate costly government red tape that prevents employers from hiring more workers.
  • Support Tax Relief—Lower the county’s excessive permit and business fees to help small businesses thrive and attract new companies to Orange County.
  • Encourage Investment—Support a reduction in capital gains taxes to increase private investment monies available for business expansion and new construction.
  • Expand Job Training—Create new apprenticeship and training partnerships with Orange County employers and universities to provide more opportunities for our youth.  Organize County Business Fairs to help local residents find jobs.
  • Support Local Businesses—Comprehensively review the County Economic Development Strategy.  Assist employers in finding new customer markets for their products and services. 
  • Promote International Opportunities—Attract international trade and professional jobs by actively promoting Orange County as a preferred business destination for overseas firms. 
  • Stop Lawsuit Abuse—Crack down on lawyers who file frivolous “class action” lawsuits.  These lawsuits cost taxpayers and small businesses millions of dollars every year. 

Reforming County Government

  • No Pensions for County Politicians—Oppose government pensions for county politicians.  Harry has signed a binding pledge NOT to accept a pension as our County Supervisor.
  • Eliminate Wasteful Spending—Cut excessive salaries, travel and perks for county administrators.  Require performance audits for all county agencies to identify budget savings.
  • Reduce County Pension Debt—Support financial reforms to reduce unsustainable county pension debt.
  • Oppose Government BailoutsPublic dollars should NOT be used to reward private mismanagement!
  • No Tax Hikes—Harry has signed a “No Tax Increase” Pledge.  He believes North Orange County families are already paying too much.