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Asian Scholarship Program Inspiring Results & Excellence (HCC-ASPIRE)



HOUSTON, TX, April 21, 2015

Houston Community College (HCC) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to explore opportunities to assist the nation of India in meeting its government mandate to train 150+ million people by 2020.

“India is a classic example of what is happening not only in Houston and across the country, but in many nations,” said Dr. Cesar Maldonado, chancellor at HCC.  “Well trained, quality workers in the middle skills areas such as construction, manufacturing, energy, and health care are in short supply.  HCC is well suited to provide the education to fill those gaps.”

HCC Trustee Neeta Sane served as the facilitator in linking HCC, the government agency National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) in India, and Cambridge Education Development to create a program that will train workers in her country of origin.  HCC hosted the initial meeting this week to develop a framework for HCC to begin negotiations with India in exploring the opportunity to provide workforce training and educational opportunities including train the trainer, distance education, and curriculum development.

NSDC has developed the model for the skills initiative.  They have identified over three dozen industry clusters in which skills development is needed.  Many of those clusters are aligned with the new Centers of Excellence concept that is being deployed within the Houston Community College System.  

“HCC is being considered for this partnership because we are known as the leader of workforce education.   Our model was developed using standards that are mandated by international industries,” said Dr. Madeline Burillo, HCC associate vice chancellor of Workforce Instruction and Division of Extended Learning. “We already have industry- approved workforce education that can translate easily to their Academies of Excellence model.”

Over the next ten years, Houston Community College would help educate some of the 50,000 trainers needed to educate future workers in India.  Providing instruction to so many people is not possible through the traditional brick and mortar model, so online learning will be a major component of the learning.  Once trained, employees of various government vocational colleges across India will go to even the most remote locations to train students. 

HCC will provide expertise in leadership education programs in several of the areas defined by the government.  The college will assist with curriculum development, teaching and learning resources development, occupational standards, testing and certification; labor marker information systems, etc.  Articulated arrangements or joint programming will be developed, either on-site or through an e-learning platform. 

“The goal of the program is for the trainers to be able to provide a robust education for millions of potential workers who can then contribute to a meaningful workforce that will bolster the economy of India and form partnerships to bring future opportunities to HCC and the Houston community.” said Dr. Maldonado. 


NRI Entrepreneur/Houston Community College Trustee- Neeta Sane launches HCC-ASPIRE

September 21, 2012
Gary Singh

NRI Neeta Sane, an Indian born entrepreneur based in the Houston, launch of a new initiative, HCC-ASPIRE, Asian Scholarship Program Inspiring Results & Excellence on September 19, 2012, with a mission to honor educational pursuits and scholastic achievements of Asian students and faculty of Houston Community College, and to support activities that highlight Asian culture. Her desire to give back to HCC was manifested by her $10,000 contribution to HCC-ASPIRE. Neeta thanked all the speakers and sponsors for their commitment to excellence in education and making college education possible for many at HCC. She announced that HCC-ASPIRE has already received over $40,000 in pledges and contributions and that HCC-ASPIRE is seeking additional sponsorships for the Inaugural Scholarship Breakfast Event to be held on May 9, 2013.

The HCC-ASPIRE Kick-off event held at HCC Main was a very successful gathering including several community leaders, corporate executives, sponsors and elected officials. HCC Trustee Neeta Sane, President of HCC-ASPIRE, welcomed the attendees and unveiled the mission and goals of HCC-ASPIRE initiative. Speakers who emphasized the importance of HCC-ASPIRE at the meeting were HCC Chancellor Dr. Spangler, Alief ISD Trustee Nghi Ho, APAHA Board member Munir Ibrahim and Cynthia Cisneros of KTRK-TV.  One of the major sponsors, Dr. Marjaneh Azad, shared her experiences as an immigrant from Iran who attended HCC and how HCC education led to her very successful career as a dentist.

Approximately 14% of HCC’s student population of around 75,000 is of Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) origin. In 2012, HCC has become eligible to be listed as one of the AAPI-serving institutions as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.

To help meet the rising needs of HCC’s Asian students and faculty, HCC Trustee Neeta Sane, along with HCC Deputy Chancellor Dr. Art Tyler and Associate Vice-Chancellor Dr. Parvin Bagherpour, has enthusiastically founded HCC­­­­-ASPIRE which is a supporting organization of HCC Foundation.

In 2007, Neeta was elected to serve on the Board of Trustees of Houston Community College. She has been advocating community college education to ensure a well-educated workforce as the economy continues to move into globalization and technological advances. Continuing forward, Neeta remains committed to advancing educational opportunities for students to succeed in the 21st century.

Members of HCC’s Board of Trustees have shown their commitment to higher education for Houstonians by founding and supporting scholarships for HCC students:

  • The efforts of the Black History Committee and the Hispanic Scholarship Council have allowed hundreds of local students from throughout the Houston area get the education they require to succeed.
  • Now HCC-ASPIRE (Asian Scholarship Program Inspiring Results & Excellence) is founded by HCC Trustee Neeta Sane (District VII) to support educational pursuits and achievements of Aisan students and faculty of HCC and to support activities that highlight Asian culture


Neeta Sane elected as a trustee to the Houston Community College

NOV. 10, 2007
Gary Singh

NRI Neeta Sane came out the winner in her bid for Houston Community College Trustee District VII in the November 2007 election. She garnered 51.46% of the vote in a 3-way race with a margin of over 18% more votes than her closest rival.

Neeta Sane thanked her supporters for their commitment, hard work and vote for Neeta Sane. As HCC Trustee, She plans to work to ensure quality education at affordable price and at easily accessible locations through Houston Community College.

As the costs for higher education continue to escalate, Houston Community College will play a greater role in our education infrastructure and become one of the best pathways to higher education and workforce training.

Neeta promises to do her best to promote HCC policies that would result in building stronger student base and establish stronger business partnerships for a mutually beneficial educational and workforce environment in the community.

She is looking forward to the continued support from the Indo-American community as she embarks on the trusteeship at Houston Community College to advance the community academically, economically and socially.

The district include southwest Houston and Fort Bend County, Neeta Sane defeated Manuel "Meme" Barrera and Lois Davis for the seat vacated by Jay Aiyer, who pleaded guilty in June to a misdemeanor charge of tampering with a governmental record

  • Young Indo-Americans and our political future: As we celebrate India's 60th Independence day in the United States of America, I am so thrilled to see that Indo-Americans are not only focusing on India, but are starting to move ahead to gain a foothold in the political future of this country; the land that has provided us with opportunities to establish ourselves as the economically strongest community.

    Over the past four decades, Indian immigrants ....Full Story

NRI Neeta Sane to run for Fort Bend County Treasurer in Nov. 2006

NRI, Neeta Sane becomes the Democratic nominee for Fort Bend County Treasurer in the general election in November, 2006 in Fort Bend County, Texas. She has been a resident of Missouri City, Texas for 9 years. She is the Managing Partner of Positronic Systems LC, a software development and consulting firm, which specializes in developing financial software for fraud-prevention and payment processing for banking systems.

Neeta decided to enter the political race to utilize her expertise in financial management to bring efficiency, transparency and integrity to the office of County Treasurer. Fort Bend County being diverse in ethnicity, the need for a qualified diverse group of people leading our county is becoming stronger. Neeta, being the first Indo-American women to enter the countywide race intends to provide the expertise, stewardship and leadership that is needed in the office of county treasurer. "I ask all the Indo-American citizens to join me in my efforts and mission to bring diversity in the county leadership and highest ethical standards to the office of county treasurer. Together, we can make sure that our hard-earned tax dollars are managed efficiently for the benefit of Fort Bend County communities." Neeta said the Political Action Group function.

Neeta holds a Master's degree from University of Houston-Clear Lake and she has published computational research papers in collaboration with the Center for Research in Parallel computing, Rice University, Texas. Neeta has been devoting her time and energy working with the community organizations. She is a Director of Vote-Texas, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, which is committed to acquiring transparency in electronic voting systems, the Vice President of Texas Democratic Women of Fort Bend, the Secretary of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party and the Diversity Chair of American Association of University Women of Fort Bend. Now, she is looking forward to serving the people of Fort Bend County to make sure our tax dollars are handled with accuracy, efficiency and integrity.


NRI, Neeta Sane to run for Fort Bend County Treasurer

Missouri City, TX, Dec., 15, 2005
Ashok Malhotra
NRI press

NRI, Neeta Sane, 42, Sugar Land Businesswoman has announced her candidacy for the county treasurer as a Democrat. Sane becomes the third candidate running for a position county and she will be the first Indian American woman to run for county office.

"Today, I stand here with no doubt in my mind or my heart that it is high time that we bring positive changes to Fort Bend County. I have decided to run for the office of County Treasurer to provide the vision and leadership to ensure that the county finances and accounts are handled wisely and efficiently with integrity. With courage, determination and enthusiasm, I announce that I am a Democratic candidate for Fort Bend County Treasurer. I launch my campaign with the support of my family and my friends in the Fort Bend County Democratic Party, Fort Bend Democrats Club and Texas Democratic Women of Fort Bend. Together, we can replace the current inefficient system and make sure that our tax dollars are safe and used wisely for the benefit of our communities." Sane said

Neeta Sane with former Congressman Nick Lampson

Neeta strongly believes in spiritual principles and the values of humanity. Neeta has led her entire life based on three core values: integrity, respect and justice. She grew up with tremendous respect for the United States of America, pledged allegiance to it over all other countries, but it disappoints her to see how the current mismanagement and inappropriate governmental public policies are straining American economy and the lives of middle class hard-working people.



Neeta Sane elected as a trustee to the (HCC) Houston Community College

  • Neeta Sane was born in Bombay, India and her father is an Architect and an Engineer; her mother holds a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Education degree. Neeta received a Master of Science degree in 1986 from University of Bombay.
  • She met Deepak Sane, who has an Engineering degree from IIT, Kanpur and an MBA from IIM, Calcutta. They were married in 1987 and came to the United States of America in 1994.
  • Neeta entered University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) in 1995 with a goal to carry out research work in the field of Chemistry. After graduating with a Master of Science degree with a GPA of 3.97, she and her team at UHCL carried out computational research in collaboration with the Center of Research in Parallel Computing, Rice University and published research papers in Scientific Journals.
  • Her computer expertise and success in independent research inspired her to start her own software development business. Since 1997, she has formed two companies, GND Systems and Positronic Systems LC.
  • In 2011, she completed her second master’s degree, MBA from prestigious university, Florida
    Institute of Technology as a straight A student
  • Neeta is currently the managing partner of Positronic Systems LC, a software development and consulting firm.
  • She provides executive leadership and manages the financial aspects of the company. Positronic Systems LC is a member of Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce. Neeta devotes her time and energy in several community organizations as well. She is a Director of Vote-Texas, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, which is committed to acquiring transparency in electronic voting systems to provide assurance to the American voters that their electronic votes remain fault-free throughout the elections. She is the Vice-President of Texas Democratic Women of Fort Bend and a secretary of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party. She is the publicity chair of the Dulles High School ProGrad committee. She served as Diversity Chair of American Association of University Women of Fort Bend.