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Feb. 16, 2005
By Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Several emails and sources have proudly announced the exciting news of the recognition and tribute being accorded to the late Congressman Dalip Singh Saund. I am proud to share my reflections on this great news. Let us take such moments and past proud achievements to yet higher levels and prepare the next generation to think in the framework of their expanded opportunities, future responsibilities, and global challenges.


We are happy to learn about the news that the U.S. House of Representives recently honored the late Dalip Singh Saund, the first Sikh member of Congress in 1950's, with a special resolution. We are glad that a U.S. Post Office in his California Congressional District is being named after him. This recognition has been long overdue and is deeply appreciated by all Americans and especially the Sikh Americans.

As the more recent arrivals to the American shores, we cannot fully understand or appreciate the struggle, sacrifice, and hardships faced by the generations that arrived in the U.S.A. long before us. Some of us have some idea where we were forty years ago, the cultural, spiritual, and civil rights passage that has been covered since, and what barriers have been and still need to be broken.

For all of us this is a landmark moment to rejoice and celebrate. We are especially proud and grateful for this thoughtful Congressional salute to an early pioneer from the Land of Five Rivers, Punjab, which for centuries has been one of the important spiritual and cultural Gateway to the Soul of India. How wonderful that in recent decades Punjab has sent many hardworking and enterprising sons to America to explore new daring paths and professions and their destiny, break new grounds to serve and build this proud Union, and bring honor and pride to their community, culture, and new nation.

Each successful effort to reintroduce or remind ourselves and others about the contributions of the Sikh/Punjabi/Asian Indian immigrants to the American democracy and related institutions should be matter of pride for all Americans. We offer our congratulations to all who tirelessly worked to spotlight this humble man who rose to great heights, and succeeded in achieving this recognition for Dalip Singh Saund at this special time in the history of the Sikh community around the world.

We should celebrate the impressive and landmark contributions being made by the Sikh/Punjabi/Asian Indian community in the U.S. and around the world in the areas of business and services, science and technology, arts and letters, faith and culture, politics and public service, and all other fields of human endeavor and accomplishments. Looking at the energy and dreams of the coming generations of young SikhAmericans, we can be certain that many undreamed-of achievements will occur, some of them hopefully in our life time. That thought is something to reflect upon, work towards, and pray for with all our hearts. With Sutguru's blessings, "Jaan tun tussey Mehervaan achint vussey mun aayye"(Lord, when Your Grace is upon us , the undreamed-of is possible and blessed."

There may some lessons and voices and distinguished leaders that the Sikh and Punjabi community should invite to our cause. I am attaching my weekly Comment/Opinion column for the The Indianapolis Star about one such enlightened and chrismatic leader. I was impressed by his powerful presentation, deep understanding, and personal testimony of his rise from darkness into prominence.

With prayers and blessings,

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh

Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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