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I believe that the Internet is the "great political equalizer", allowing every citizen to have an equal voice in the electoral process. It has created unprecedented ways to reach voters that are novel, productive, and cost effective. The Election of 2004 will provide a great opportunity to use this technology to help you run your campaign.
  • our mission is to provide a "one-stop-shop" for associations, nonprofit organizations, unions, and political candidates at all levels (state, local and federal) to purchase traditional campaign products as well as our nontraditional, web-based services.
  • Please take a moment to browse through our 22 sites, all dedicated to serving your campaign and election needs. We have formed alliances with top vendors from around the globe in order to ensure that you receive the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices. If you own a website, we provide enhancement tools and features that will help you win.

Best Regards,
Ravi Singh
CEO & Founder


Ravi Singh

1997 - Simer Singh, President and Co-Founder of ElectionMall™Technologies (EMT), encourages his brother Ravi Singh, who is running for Illinois State Representative, to use the World Wide Web and make use of Email to communicate with voters. Ravi agrees and holds the first online town hall meeting to explain this concept.

1999 - Simer and Ravi receive angel funding for the creation and development ofEMT and file for 63 International Patents.

June 2000 - Ravi Singh attends the Democratic National Convention and holds a press conference to explain the power of technology to democratic candidates. In Addition, EMT launches an international campaign in India. CEO Ravi Singh becomes the first Internet entrepreneur to introduce the concept of online politics to Democratic candidates in India and is invited as a guest on the show Power Lunch Asia on CNBC.

July 2000 - EMT launches 8 unique sites to provide candidates with various tools and services for e-campaigning. Everyone from the President of the United States to the president of the student body will now be able to communicate with voters using EMT's unique products.

August 2000 - EMT holds its very first seminar on e-campaigning with Merrill Lynch in Chicago, Illinois.

August 2000 - EMT signs an agreement forming a strategic alliance with Chicago Kent College of Law, developing the largest database of electronic election information on e-law.

September 2000 - EMT secures an online contract with the Republican National Committee to send out emails for George W. Bush's Presidential Campaign, utilizing (patent pending).

January 2001 - EMT is invited to attend the George W. Bush Presidential Inaugural.

March 2002 - EMT receives a "Pollie" award for Technology from the American Association ofPolitical Consultants (AAPC).

June 2002 - EMT CEO Ravi Singh is invited to sit on the Board of Directors of the Midwest Chapter of the AAPC.

June 2003 - EMT becomes ElectionMall Technologies, Inc. and is restructured as an Illinois Corporation.

July 2003 - is re-launched with over 21 unique sites for each of our innovative online products, all designed to help political candidates run their political campaigns…and win!



Ravi Singh