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  • He has the only memories the residents of Khanpur, Malerkotla, Dist. Ludhiana, Punjab and other close relatives have of him is from the time when an eight-year-old Bobby visited his native place way back in 1983....Read More
Bobby Jindal Louisiana's governor
  • The first non-white governor since post-Civil War Reconstruction
  • The first NRI (Indian-American), Punjabi governor a U.S. state.
  • The first governor from Baton Rouge since the 1920s
  • The youngest governor in the nation.


  • Legal name: Piyush. “Bobby is a nickname I was given when I was four years old. It’s picked off a TV show by my parents.”
  • Age: 32
  • Wife, Supriya
  • Selia, his 14-month-old daughter
  • Parents originally from Punjab, emigrated to the US around 3 decades ago, now live in Baton Rouge
  • Father, Amar, is an engineer
  • Mother, Raj, is a senior manager who works with computers in the Louisiana state Department of Labor
  • Brother, Nikesh, recently earned a Yale Law School degree, and will work in a federal district court in Oregon ...... More




Bobby Jindal with wife Supriya (AP)

Supriya Jindal became First Lady of Louisiana when her husband, then Congressman Bobby Jindal, was sworn in as Governor of Louisiana on January 14, 2008. Mrs. Jindal currently serves as the youngest first lady in the nation and is the only First Spouse in the country that holds a degree in Chemical engineering.


Father- Amar Jindal