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Mangal Singh Gulshan


NRI Mangal Singh Gulshan, Candidate for Diamond Bar City Council


Diamond Bar, Los Angles, Aug 31, 2007
NRI press
Gary Singh

NRI Mangal Singh Gulshan, 64, architect engineer, Town Planner said,“I'm running because I really like it here and will contest election this coming Nov. 6 as the only NRI (NON-RESIDENT INDIAN) for one of two open seats on the Diamond Bar City Council."

In last election-four years ago, he decided to run for an open seat when an incumbent persuaded him to drop out of the race and lend his support her to her re-election campaign. I want to be that voice on council that will bring consensus because that is the only way we are going to get something done.

According to our press reporter some NRI's response was:

  • He is THE BEST CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE TO REPRESENT because he has “an extreme and unusual passion” for city planning.
  • He was motivated to run for council because he saw many people willing to give their opinions about city matters, but few people willing to actually be involved.
  • He sees how some of the seemingly tedious technical details in planning connect to people's values and everyday lives.

Mangal Singh Gulshan said:

  • “It's a really important thing, and I hope to be involved in that regardless of how the race turns out."
  • “I'm running because I believe that this is a very beautiful and unique community. And it's got a lot of wonderful things to offer people.”

A man’s life journey can sometimes take him very far from his place of birth. Where we begin in this world is often far from the place where we began. Along the way, we find a place to call home. For Mangal Gulshan, that place is Diamond Bar. For Mangal Gulshan, that place is the United States of America.

Mangal was born in 1943, in India. His childhood home was modest. Education and hard work became values that were instilled in him from an early age, and eventually resulted in his receiving a degree in Architecture, followed by an arranged marriage to Balvinder Kaur, the woman who would become his greatest companion, supporter, and honest advisor in this journey of life. The union brought in three children who were educated and raised in Diamond Bar.

In 1971, Mangal immigrated to the United States. He arrived in Los Angeles seeking to put the values of dedication, honesty, and hard work towards creating a better life for him and the family. His hard work and dedication gave him success and established a home base in Diamond Bar.

For many, raising a family and having a long and fruitful professional career are achievements enough but for Mangal Gulshan, it was not enough. In 1997, Mangal decided, it was time to give back to the city and community who gave him a place to live and family to rise in quality environment. He and a few like-minded and driven individuals began the Sunshine

Seniors Association. It’s goals were simple: to give Seniors living in Diamond Bar and the surrounding areas, a chance to live out their golden years in happiness, in the comfort of the company of other seniors, and most of all providing the needed care, comfort and love of each other. He and others volunteered their time and effort and the association mushroomed from a few to more than 400 members.

For Mangal, a dedicated volunteer and a visionary leader, the time has come to expand the dedicated services to the entire City of Diamond Bar through becoming a City Council Member. He has decided to serve the community and hence running for the council. Through this process he wishes to serve the city and community by supporting the growth and quality of life for our citizens.

He wishes to address the issues, such as, better and improved transportation through the city, help to receive available funding for streets and highways infrastructure improvements, work with neighboring cities and county of L.A. for better traffic management, develop and improve better police and fire protection, improve and advance our education system through increasing resources, develop and improve park facilities, and in general work in all areas where community’s quality of life is improved.



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NRI Mangal Singh Gulshan, 64, architect engineer, Town Planner, a dedicated volunteer and a visionary leader is a Candidate for Diamond Bar City Council, near Los Angeles