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Kulveer Singh Ranger

NRI Kulveer Ranger is included in
Boris Johnson’s honor list

Los Angeles, June 12, 2023 A.Gary Singh

Kulveer Singh Ranger were rewarded in former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s honors list, which came hours before he resigned as an MP. Significantly, the honor list is a tradition given to the outgoing Prime Ministers. This included 38 honorees and seven peers. It was approved by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak nine months after Johnson left office. Former Home Secretary Priti Patel was named a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire, while former Director of Transport Ranger was promoted to the Lords.

Kulveer Singh Ranger was selected as the Director of Transportation Policy after Johnson won the mayoral election in May 2008.
Ranger thanking Johnson, wrote: tweet
“With great pride I can confirm that I have been promoted to the House of Lords.” This recognition is not just mine, but one I share with my family and friends, the Sikh community, and the many industry colleagues and Orthodox friends I have been happy to support and stand shoulder to shoulder with over the past 25 years.......Read More



NRI Kulveer Ranger appointed London's top job as Director for Transport Policy


London, May 14, 2008
Sant Parkash Singh

NRI Kulveer Ranger, 32, (Tory) has been appointed as a Director of Transport policy by newly elected London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

Kulveer will lead on policy direction for Transport on behalf of the Mayor. He will also oversee the relationship between the GLA and TfL to ensure the delivery of the Mayor’s priorities. He will be one of the 10 Mayoral Appointments.

London Mayor, Boris Johnson said:

“I am delighted to be able to announce Kulveer as my Director for Transport Policy. He has vast experience in delivering large projects with multiple stakeholders in both the public and private sector, and has a reputation as a terrific motivator and a leader with ceaseless energy.

“I am certain that Kulveer will be able to use his experience in delivering the Oystercard in London to help me to deliver my key transport commitments including implementing interactive bus tracking, re-phasing London’s traffic lights and coordinating a closer relationship between TfL and the private train companies which currently serve London’s suburbs.”

Kulveer was the lead delivery manager of the Oystercard for London in 2003 and led commercial negotiations on behalf of the Secretary of State supporting the King’s Cross redevelopment, the procurement of a £70m.

Kulveer has recently delivered a series of cooling solution packages within a short timeframe for the London Underground and has led a strategic review of major projects being delivered in Scotland including the Edinburgh Tram Project, the Edinburgh Airport Rail Link and Glasgow Airport Rail Link.

He has been an advisor to Shadow Secretary of State for the Dept of Trade & Industry, Alan Duncan MP, and is currently Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party.

Kulveer said, ''I haven't always been conservative but I always felt I didn't believe in a socialist ideology. I feel that the conservatives believe in freedom of speech, advancing opportunity and maximizing people's potential.''

NRI Kulveer Ranger might be the first turbaned Sikh MP in UK

London, Dec. 10, 2006
Sant Parkash Singh

NRI Kulveer Ranger, 31 is one the active candidate by Conservative party to contest in the British general elections. In 2005, Kulveer got 2nd position by loosing to Ian McCartney of Labour party. Although he did not win the seat but he is proud of as great experience and huge challenge.

Mr. Ranger said: "I haven't always been Conservative but I always felt I didn't believe in a socialist ideology. I feel that the Conservatives believe in freedom of speech, advancing opportunity and maximizing people's potential. This country has become an amazingly accepting place. And the emergence of a star like cricketer Monty Panesar has done a lot to help young Sikhs feel as part of this country. "

Ranger is involved:

  • In the Transport Policy Group and acts as adviser to Alan Duncan, Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
  • He got support for the Women's Association and adviser on the Ethnic Diversity Council.
  • He appears on Sky News and the BBC as a political commentator.
  • He has a political column in the Asian Voice newspaper

He said, "I was really lucky I had a very balanced childhood, I went to a school in Hammersmith where it was mixed with all races and religions. I was blind to the fact that my friend was either Jewish or Muslim, we just grew up together. Whatever happens in the next few years I will always be part of the party, whether MP or not. When you find something you have a passion for you have to give back to society. I've been lucky in my life so why not give something back to people who are not so lucky."




  • NRI Kulveer Range, 31, was born and grew up in Middlesex. He says his parents worked hard and struggled throughout his formative years.
  • He is currently a senior management consultant for the Nichols Group where he advises and manages projects for companies. He was part of the core team responsible for the management and implementation of the transport Oyster Card.
  • Before his current profession Ranger worked in a variety of roles from IT strategy, property development, and fashion to being a resident DJ. After being spurred on by a friend he decided that the experience gained from that work would be good grounding to be a management consultant.
  • Ranger originally decided to be an architect at an early age. In 1996 he attained a degree in Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture (University College of London). But it was during that time that his career direction changed.
  • I studied with some very talented people but I suddenly realized I wanted to do something different. I didn't have the same passion for architecture as some people on the course.
  • Admiring great leaders of the time like Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela and Ghandi. He argues that there are not enough Black, Asian and Oriental youngsters involved in politics.
  • Challenging this Ranger regularly visits schools engaging young people on the political system. This engagement he believes continues throughout the Conservative Party.
  • He writes a weekly column for a national Asian newspaper and is happiest watching his beloved Tottenham Hotspur football team – especially last season!

  • Ranger had contested the Makerfield, Wigan, election in 2005, but lost.

Makerfield, The 2005 general election Votes Share

Ian McCartney, Labour 22,494 63.2
Kulveer Ranger, Conservative 4,345 12.2
Trevor Beswick, Liberal Democrat 3,789 10.7
Peter Franzen, Community Action Party 2,769 7.8
Dennis Shambley, British National Party 1,221 3.4
Gregory Atherton, UK Independence Party 962 2.7



Kulveer Singh Ranger

NRI Kulveer Ranger appointed London's top job as Director for Transport Policy , May 14, 2008

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