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Congress leader Rao, accused NRI MP, Madhu Yashki for fake educational certificates to obtain American visas for his two brothers and sister

NRI MP in ‘bonded labour’ glare
HYDERABAD, March 15, 2008

The senior Congress leader, Mr G Prakash Rao, today accused the sole non resident Indian Lok Sabha member, Mr Madhu Yashki from Andhra Pradesh, of using a cook as virtually a bonded labourer for the past 15 years in the USA. Currently, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu police are investigating, at the US Consulate’s request, whether Mr Yashki used fake educational certificates to obtain American visas for his two brothers and sister. The probe was preceded by The Statesman’s report in August about Mr Yashki’s alleged involvement in a fake certificates ring.

Mr Rao has written to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, her political advisor, Mr Ahmed Patel, and Mr Rahul Gandhi seeking immediate action against Mr Yashki as his continued association with the party could damage the organisation.

Mr Yashki claims to be a close friend of Mr Gandhi.

Mr Yashki took Mr Bandari Jangaiah on an A-1 visa in 1993 to work in the Indian Consulate in New York. Later, Mr Yashki opened a restaurant, Masala, in New Jersey, employing Mr Jangaiah as a chef. He had Mr Jangaiah legalise his status too. “Then Mr Yashki sent Mr Jangaiah’s photographs to a friend in Gujarat and got a passport issued to Mr Bandari Jagdish. Mr Yaskhi then informed US authorities that Mr Bandari Jagdish was working at his hotel as a chef, Mr Rao wrote.

Then Mr Yashki let it be known “he withdrew Jagdish’s (Mr Jangaiah) services at his restaurant. He used this vacancy to substitute another person for a similar legal status for $100,000. He legalised his chef before reducing him to an illegal immigrant for the sake of money. Mr Rao alleged Mr Yashki had taken over Mr Jangaiah’s savings of around US $600,000, refusing to help him visit India when his father died two years ago. Mr Jangaiah is now a domestic in the New Jersey home of Mr Yashki’s sister and Mrs Amar Jyothi. Repeated attempts to contact Mr Yashki went in vain. Calls were not returned.
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