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Dr. Ruby Dhalla


A Coalition... The process of making history


Toronto, De. 07, 2008
Dr. Ruby Dhalla

Since Parliament started last week there has been no shortage of activity and excitement. I have received emails and phone calls from many of you in regards to the situation that has transpired over the last 96 hours.

We are living in historical and unprecedented times. The last 96 hours has been a time that will be written about in history and talked about for decades. It is incredibly exciting for everyone to be apart of this journey.

In the recent election the PM was elected to provide leadership, a vision, and help during this time of economic uncertainty. Unfortunately he failed to gain the support and trust of Canadians and Parliament when he presented his Economic Fiscal update. While most countries have provided economic stimulus and help for the auto and manufacturing sectors and support for families and seniors Mr. Harper chose to take no action and show no leadership. His economic update had no initiatives to create jobs, or protect savings. He miscalculated and underestimated. Harper needed to show leadership and be a statesmen and he failed to rise to the occasion. That is why the opposition parties have decided to work together on behalf of the people of Canada.

The Coalition Government that has been proposed will be a Liberal led government with the NDP. The Bloc has agreed to put aside their differences and support this Liberal Coalition government during issues of confidence until June 30, 2010. The Bloc will not be apart of the Government they have only agreed to support the coalition Government. In addition Mr. Dion would be Prime Minister until May and then the new Leader of the Liberal Party would take over as the Prime Minister of Canada. The main purpose behind this initiative is to provide stability, strength and a focused economic plan during this time of economic crisis in the nation.

The situation at the moment is extremely fluid and changing rapidly. The PM has a few options. Harper has already delayed the confidence vote that was scheduled to take place on Monday December 1, 2008 to December 8, 2008. It is unfortunate Mr. Harper is afraid to face the facts. He has lost the trust of Canadians. He needed to take action and provide leadership and has done nothing. Harper may at this point prorogue or suspend Parliament to January 2009 or beyond. He can present this as an option to the Governor General who is scheduled to return from her trip this afternoon. The Governor General will make the final decision as to whether the PM should be granted his request.

Alternatively the Confidence vote on the 8th could take place. If all the opposition parties vote against this and the conservatives lose this vote there would be an election. However in light of the fact Canadians have just returned from the polls the Governor General could grant the request made by all the leaders of the opposition parties for a Liberal led coalition Government with the NDP.

The coming hours and days will determine the outcome of Harpers failures and the desire of Canadians to have stability, and support during this challenging economic time.

The situation is changing quickly. This is about the people of Canada who deserve a Government that has an action plan and can provide the leadership and stability during this time of economic uncertainty. I will be on CBC Don Newmans Politics Show between 5-530 pm today to discuss further.

I will keep you posted my friends as the situation develops. An exciting time, incredible journey, and historic moment for our nation.




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