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Navdeep Singh Bains




Navdeep Singh Bains is an example of the potential that young Canadians possess when they mix a dynamic personality with hard work, dedication and a passion for civic improvement. Born and raised by enterprising immigrant parents, Navdeep has seen first hand what hard work and a relentless spirit can achieve, and is now poised to take this experience to a whole new level.

Navdeep was born in the city of Toronto and raised for the majority of his life in this riding. Navdeep’s parents immigrated to Canada in the mid 1970s, and like most immigrants from enterprising back-grounds, they worked long, hard hours in order to establish themselves in a new country. The Bains’ family history will sound familiar to most Canadians. The family immigrated to an unknown land with very little resources and acquaintances and set out to build a strong foundation for their children’s future. Navdeep’s father began a small business in this riding manufacturing kitchen cabinets in the early 1990s which he was able to grow into a now thriving enterprise. Having seen first hand the struggles and successes of his family and those of other immigrants to this country, Navdeep is very well positioned to understand the motivations of the first generation of Canadians, like his parents, as well as the needs and aspirations of those who will represent the future.

Navdeep is well acquainted with this riding and it's residents as he has been a contributing member in it for most of his life. Navdeep attended W.G. Davis Secondary School and then went on to graduate from Turner-Fenton Senior Secondary School. While maintaining a successful academic record, Navdeep has never shied away from his civic responsibilities. Even as a high school student Navdeep was in the forefront participating in community activities in order to give back to his community. Whether it was representing his heritage though participating in South Asian Heritage Week or visiting the homeless shelter regularly with his friends to help feed the homeless, Navdeep has taken every opportunity to fulfill his responsibilities as a contributing citizen.

Being a young Canadian, Navdeep knows first hand the trials and tribulations faced by children of immigrant parents, who are sometimes caught between the culture that their parents represent and their own aspirations. Even as a youngster Navdeep has been a role model for young Canadians. He has helped to organize a weekly drop-in basketball program to help channel the energy of youngsters into positive endeavors by getting them off the streets as well as volunteer for an after-school homework and mentoring club aimed at providing positive role models for grade school children. After graduating from Turner-Fenton Navdeep went on to pursue a business degree from York University. While at York, Navdeep was elected the president of the Sikh Students Association and helped to organize heritage language classes and regular seminars and lectures for youth. A large part of Navdeep’s summers have also been spent organizing and running youth retreats aimed at building leadership and self-confidence in youth. While maintain a busy extra-curricular life, Navdeep obtained an MBA from the University of Windsor and began a successful career with Ford.

Along with maintaining a demanding career, Navdeep has continued to participate in community activities such as volunteering at the Daily Bread Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity as well as being a member on the Diversity Council at Ford. He has also continued his efforts to help youth and young children through organizations such as the Sunshine Walk for Dreams, a charity which supports terminally ill children, and the Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation, a Canadian organization which helps to support and educate underprivileged children from around the world.

Knowing first-hand the benefits that community support and programs can foster, Navdeep has taken every opportunity to give back to his community through different avenues. Due to his passion and ability to effectively communicate ideas, Navdeep has been a spokesperson for the community and is often asked to speak on diverse issues on radio and television programs. So why now has Navdeep taken the plunge into politics?

For all people with political aspirations there is usually one fundamental truth that drives them into public life. As a constituent and a voter it is important for each one of us to ask, what is it that drives this person to run? Why does this person want to be my representative in Ottawa? One look at Navdeep’s albeit young but full life gives one a sense of what drives this ambitious young man. Navdeep knows what it is like to be a struggling immigrant family. He also knows what it is like to be a young Canadian, armed with a degree and ambition. Navdeep is in a unique position as he represents tradition as well as the potential of the future and aspires to combine the needs of both in order to ensure the continued success and growth of this riding and the country.

Navdeep’s family represents the immigrant experience that is shared by so many different people from different parts of the globe who have chosen to make Canada their home. Having built a successful life in Canada it is now time for the South Asian community to come forward and take the next step as Canadians by electing effective representation to the federal parliament. “We have become well established in social and civic life,” says Navdeep. “We must now become part of the political dialogue at a whole new level by electing educated, capable and articulate representatives who will work with integrity and enthusiasm on behalf of all Canadians.”

These are the types of aspirations that drive Navdeep to leave a successful career and comfortable family life to enter into the realm of politics. Navdeep knows he has been fortunate, and thanks to the hard work of first generation immigrants like his parents, he has been able to enjoy the opportunities of a post-secondary education and a professional career. Navdeep now wants to give back to his community in a powerful and meaningful way. By entering into politics at such a young age Navdeep serves as an inspiration and a role model for all young Canadians.

We often hear the rhetoric that the first generation has done more than its fare share and it is now time for the second generation to step forward and accept its responsibilities. Navdeep is doing exactly that – he represents the hard work and dedication of the pioneer generations as well as all of the potential and energy of the future. Navdeep understands the people his riding and the issues facing them, whether they be university students, entrepreneurs or seniors. By entering into politics at such an early age, Navdeep’s message is loud and clear - it is now time to make the Canadian dream a reality by passing on the torch to a new generation of Canadians.




Navdeep Singh Bains