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Sandeep Pandher defeated Paul Brar


Sandeep Pandher defeated Paul Brar
in federal Conservative nomination in Newton-North Delta.


BC, Canada, March 10, 2007
Sohan Sahota


Sandeep Pandher, 31, 2nd generarion NRI, defeated Paul Brar to win the federal Conservative nomination in Newton-North Delta and it was stunning upset Mr. Brar

More than 2,500 people came to vote for their choice of Conservative candidate, with Heather Stilwell, Paul Brar, Sandeep Pandher and Gary Dhillon. Conservative nomination was held at Surrey’s York Centre in Newton, BC.

First ballot:

Sandeep Pandher 1225; Paul Brar 1191; Gary Dhillon 397; Heather Stilwell 162;

Second ballot

Sandeep Pandher 1247; Paul Brar 1199; Gary Dhillon 441;

Third ballot

Sandeep Pandher 1306; Paul Brar 1252

Mr Pandher served as special assistant one-time natural resources minister Herb Dhaliwal. He was a policy advisor to York South-Weston Liberal MP Alan Tonks when he was chair of the standing committee on environment and sustainable development.

He was a volunteer at the federal party's national office from 2001 to 2003. It also lists volunteer activities relating to former prime minister Jean Chretien's annual Maple Leaf Dinner, and Chretien's Laurier Club receptions for major party donors

Pandher is presently on leave from his job as an assistant to Tory parliamentary secretary Brian Jean - has been a member of the Tories since March 2006.

With an estimated 12,000 new Conservatives signed up in that riding at ten bucks a shot.

One voter told the media that this is a big blow to Brar's team and only 20% turnout when their team signed up 6,000 members. It is very clear that do not depend on mass membership signups.

In the general election, the Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal fight to defend his seat against Pandher of Conservative and Teresa Townsley of NDP

Sandeep Pandher was born in Edmonton in 1976, second generation Canadian, whose parents immigrated to Canada from Punjab, India in 1969. He is a young and energetic public policy professional with a strong background in Environment, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Infrastructure policy.

He has a Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Royal Roads University in Victoria, and a Diploma in Chemical Technology from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. He did all his schooling up to Grade 12 from Guru Nanak Public School, Ludhiana, Punjab.

He lived in India 13 years and fluently multilingual in four languages, English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. At present he is serving the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities as a legislative and parliamentary advisor. In the past he has provided policy and legislative counsel to senior decision makers, including Federal Minister of Natural Resources and Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development. He has also provided contractual services to private engineering firms and government departments, including the Office of The Auditor General of Canada.

Sandeep married to Rimple and they are long time residents of Newton North Delta.




Sandeep Pandher defeated Paul Brar

  • MP Sukh Dhaliwal fight to defend his seat against Pandher of Conservative and Teresa Townsley of NDP