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NRI Anu Peshawaria: Immigration specialist and have philanthropic spirit in legal counsel


Vayalar Ravi, NRI Minister launched Anu Peshawaria's book, ‘Immigrant’s Dream’
A book on ‘horror stories’ ill-treatment and cruelty by the NRI men

New Delhi. January 14, 2007
Surinder Singh/Gary Singh, Los Angeles

California-based, an eminent lawyer, dedicated social worker, successful sportsperson and human right activist Anu Peshawaria came to Delhi to promote her book "The Immigrant’s Dream." She is a sister of top cop Kiran Bedi

She said, "I felt the need for such a book so that women are cautioned and well educated about the horror stories, ill-treatment and cruelty by the NRI men who make tall promises before getting married. Anu’s aim is to provide legal assistance to those NRI wives who are being deserted and left penniless in a foreign country. About 92 per cent women in the US suffer from domestic violence and 70 per cent NRI marriages result in divorce.

On the occasion of Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2008, Mr. Vayalar Ravi, Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs launched her book, ‘Immigrant’s Dream’, which addresses the problem of brides from India married to NRI husbands. The real life horror stories of these tortured women in the book can serve as warnings. Through real stories, this book takes a step forward in creating awareness about the dos and don’ts of NRI marriages. ‘Immigrant’s Dream’ educates on every mistake parents, who fall for the dollar bait, should avoid before getting their daughters married to NRI’s. This book is an extended help to many battered women to regain their legal rights and status.

The book was also released in the Chandigarh city on Saturday by Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal.

The book is divided into three parts.

  • Part 1: It tells the story of a few unfortunate women like Manju Sachdeva, Ashima Lal, Kamna Chawla and Kathie.
  • Part 2: It is mainly the profile of the author herself and this is where we come to know that Anu is the younger sister of Kiran Bedi. It also sketches the struggle and success of her journey from a lawn tennis player to a lawyer.
  • In Part 3: The author delves into the problems of domestic violence and the legal rights available for the victims there — all in a layman’s language along with the numbers of Seva helpline.

She said, "There’s no point in talking about problems and not look for the solutions. I would rather like to point out the serious lacunae in the law. Suppose a man gets married in India and seeks divorce in the US, within six months he will be able to get it, while the girl is trapped in a bad marriage. In India, it is not easy to get a divorce. Therefore, when it comes to inter-state marriages, there should be an international law which all the countries must adhere to."

There is more than two million NRI population in the US and surprisingly, 90 percent of the women cheated refuse to come back from the US. Anu gives two reasons for it. One is fearing the social stigma back home and the second is feeling more empowered in the US.

A woman is entitled to 50 percent of her husband’s property. according to the Community Property Law. So the woman in not penniless there, whereas in India she has to fight for maintenance.

Anu Peshawaria, a young dynamic lawyer, started her career by addressing the cause of human rights in 1983.

Anu Peshawaria is an Immigration specialist in the US and the President and Founder, Immigration and Business Services Inc. and Founder, India Vision Foundation, USA-SevA Legal Aid Foundation.

Anu has represented hundreds of legal cases related to female empowerment, child and domestic abuse, matrimonial claims including dowry death, adultery and divorce from both in the USA and India. Anu dedicates an enormous amount of time and energy to successfully defend the familial, legal, and human rights of the women and children involved, often without pay. She excels in this legal context, since she is personally devoted to helping women and children to enjoy their right to freedom, independent decision-making, and protection from abuse and oppression. She also serves as a fine role model for other professionals. Her example calls for affirmative action, social justice, compassion, and a deep respect for the culture, life experience, and personal goals of each person, no matter how destitute or needy they might be. She is a shining example of the potential for a philanthropic spirit in legal counsel, which serves both the general public and to boost society's view of the profession itself. Each day, Anu lives and actively exhibits the idealistic foundational tenets of the law profession, and helps to dissuade the popular social stigma often targeted at and endured by lawyers around the world.



Anu Peshawaria

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  • Anu Peshawaria is the President and Founder of Immigration and Business Services Inc. An acclaimed attorney from India, she is an Immigration Consultant in the United States. She has her practice in Fremont, California and is a practicing Advocate for the Supreme Court of India as well.
  • An internationally renowned tennis star, an acclaimed lawyer, and a social activist, Anu has represented India in the Junior Wimbledon Championship Tournaments in June 1979 as well as a senior in 1984.
  • As a practicing Lawyer, she has experience in the arena of Civil and Criminal Law, Business Law, International Law, Family Law and has handled several high-profile cases. As a social entrepreneur, Anu is involved in a non-profit organization called India Vision Foundation providing free legal advice on issues pertaining to Indian Law, Indian Matrimonial issues and Immigration issues. Anu has also founded a non-profit Legal Aid Foundation called SEVA for low income, battered and destitute people.
  • The government of India has recognized her contributions in the fields of Sports and Law and has conferred the prestigious Bharat Nirman Award as well as the Kanishka Award in 1990.