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UK Govt. announce £50 for "Migrant tax" for workers and students

Southall , UK, July 17, 2008
Sant Ahuja

UK Govt. announced that any overseas workers and students (except Europe) comes to UK, shall have to pay £50, a levy on their visas. The Govt like to raise 70 million pounds over two years to help pay for public services such as doctors' surgeries, hospitals and school.

Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary said:

  • While many migrants play an important role in our community, we need an honest debate about the local pressures that migration can create on our public services. This fund will pay for the public services in the areas where migration has the impact on our local communities.
  • If you are interested in UK Visas, contact Migration Expert for information and advice on which visa is best suited to you. You can also try our visa eligibility assessment to see if you are eligible to apply for a visa to the UK.
  • This projects using the money could include encouraging migrants to register with family doctors so they did not pressure hospitals by going to accident and emergency departments when they were ill.

In 2007, about 350,000 students and 125,000 migrants (except 30-nation European Area) came to UK