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Gordon Brown


UK Prime Minister announce migrants must pass English language-
cut arrivals by 35,000 a year


London, Sep. 10, 2007
Sant Singh

Mr Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of UK, has announced to reduce the 35,000 a year immigrants coming from other countries and create "up to 500,000 British jobs for British workers. The media sources said about 35,000 of the 96,000 skilled workforce who entered the UK last year would have failed the English language test.

This announcement will make it more difficult for non-EU migrants to enter the British labor force by tightening English language requirements. This action is a response to the union anger at the growing insecurity of the British workforce due to migration of cheap and canalized foreign labor.

The current points scheme by the e Government is for migrant workers from outside the EU are split into three groups:

  • Highly skilled- permitted to seek permanent residence in Britain. Since last December, they have had to show proficiency in English as a condition of entry. This requirement will be extended to all those in the skilled category. They must speak, write and understand English to a standard equivalent to GCSE grade A-C. To prove eligibility they will have to show they have passed an internationally recognized English test.
  • Skilled - permitted to seek permanent residence in Britain.
  • Low-skilled- not permitted to seek permanent residence in Britain. It will also be announced a review on extending the English language requirement to cover low-skilled workers

Chris Grayling, Conservative said:

  • The vast majority of new jobs created in Britain since 1997 have gone to people moving into the UK from other countries
  • The reality is that one in five households in Britain is workless

"Unions are also threatening action:

  • Some leaders talking of co-ordinated strikes to cause maximum disruption.
  • The Government must avoid destructive industrial action and need to give guarantees on jobs

The Prime Minister said:

  • He believes that with jobs today available for more than 30million people in the country, we can advance closer to full employment than ever in our history.
  • He wants to reduce the pool of British workers who are unemployed to head off complaints that economic migrants are taking jobs that could otherwise be filled by UK citizens
  • He would announce a fast-track scheme for getting the unemployed off benefit and into jobs currently being filled by foreigners
  • Our offices will offer a specific job interview for every lone parent, long-term unemployment claimant and most incapacity benefit claimants stating they wish to work.
  • We will encourage employers to offer jobs to these three groups:
    • A £400 training allowance to train up new recruits from this fast-track program;
    • Extending the guarantee of lone parents' benefits from the current first 15 days of work up to the first six weeks;
    • Offering those finding work a back-to-work credit of £40 a week, rising to £60 a week in London

Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of UK, has announced to reduce the 35,000 a year immigrants coming from other countries