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- Making Society Prosperous/ Creating and Sharing surplus Wealth

November 12, 2016
The 5th Annual WHEF will be held at the Hotel Irvine, 17900 Jamboree Road, Irvine, California, USA from November 18 – 20, 2016.
World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF), as the name suggests, is a platform to bring together the wealth generators and thinkers in Hindu society, it's entrepreneurs, academicians, economists and businesses, from across the globe. The purpose is to make the Hindu society prosperous. The inspiration for this idea is rooted in the wisdom - Dharmasya Moolam Artham or Economy Sustains Everything - as proclaimed by the legendary thinker Chanakya. The World Hindu Economic Forum pursues the vision of ‘Making Society Prosperous’ tempered by the ages old Hindu value of ‘Generate and Share Surplus Wealth’.

Swami Vigyananand, founder of the WHEF:

Swami Vigyananand, founder of the WHEF, graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India  loves to connect the Hindu community World Hindu Economic Forum all over the world.

"We like to bring brings together financially successful elements within Hindu society such as Entrepreneurs,  investors, industrialists, businessmen, professionals, and thinkers can share their business knowledge and  experience. We encourage Hindu entrepreneursto generate surplus wealth and make society prosperous society," said Swami Vigyananand.

The forum is a brain child of Shri Swami Vigyananand, an Alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur with a deep desire do meaningful work in the field of economics and connect the Hindu community fom all over the world. He says "We are now living in the 21st century, equipped with all the advanced technologies like airplane, internet, mobiles, and other modern facilities.

This value is expressed as an exhortation in Yajurveda as - Shata hasta samahara, sahastra hasta sankira or Generate wealth with a hundred hands and share it with a thousand.
One of the principal aims of WHEF is to bring together among Hindus, successful entrepreneurs such as traders, bankers, industrialists, businessmen, professionals, technocrats, investors along with economists and thinkers. The purpose of bringing them together is to enable them to share their, experience, acumen and resources with their fellow Hindu brethren.  In addition, we encourage them to support the budding entrepreneurs. WHEF encourages Hindu businessmen, spread across the world, from Auckland to Alaska and Oslo to Johannesburg, to cooperate and collaborate globally and help each other with market access, technology, innovation and competitively priced capital for success in business.

Avdhesh Agarwal

Avdhesh Agarwal, social entrepreneur & well-known NRI Philanthropist in Southern California said, " We should be proud of our Hindus identity and the banner of being Indians. Last year,  I attended the WHEF conference in London and  was really impressed. The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) brings together eminent Hindu intellectuals and businesses on one platform."

All credit goes to Avdhesh Agarwal and his team who organize such a great event to bring NRI Community together.

The WHEF journey began in 2012 at Hong Kong, followed by successful annual fora in Bangkok 2013, New Delhi 2014, London 2015, and several regional fora along the way.
Today, the recession in all major economies that followed the economic boom of previous two decades, has plunged the world in a turmoil. The current institutional framework and mindsets responding with cost-cutting and resort to protectionism, are proving inadequate to these complex challenges. Such endeavours, designed for relative stability, do not work in adverse times. We need a new and creative response, which can propel creation of surplus wealth to rescue the world economy from its current crisis. WHEF’s present approach is based on the timeless wisdom in the Bhagwad Gita: Gatasunagatasums cha nanusochanti panditah or wise men neither worry about what is past nor what is passing. Which means, think in future, for the future.
The United States is the premier economic power in today's world. It is driven by a spirit of entrepreneurship and leads the world in the fields of finance and technological innovation. There are multiple opportunities for growth across the length and breadth of this vast nation. 
Los Angeles (LA) is the third largest economic metropolitan area in the world. Los Angeles is a global hub for international trade, manufacturing, technology, finance, entertainment and fashion - making it an excellent venue for the World Hindu Economic Forum. WHEF2016@LosAngeles will enable Hindus from across the world to network, get first hand insights into the North & South American markets, and pursue opportunities for mutual growth. 
Over 500 delegates from across five continents will, over three days, deliberate upon their opportunities and strategies in the years to come.
It will be a privilege to have you with us at the conference, to observe and to report the proceedings. Kindly let us know your plans for us to arrange for accordingly.

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Los Angeles Entrepreneurs Host WHEF (World Hindu Economic Forum) on  Nov 18-20, 2016

Creating and Sharing surplus Wealth- To Make Society Prosperous

Artresia, California, May 12, 2016 Singh

On May 6, 2016,  LA World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) Organization Committee  Chairman- Avdhesh Agarwal,  Vice Chairman- Ravi Tilak, Secretary-Bala Palanisamy  and  from India Swami Vigyananand, the founder of the WHEF, organized a dinner  at the Sheraton Hotel, Cerrito, California to announce  the hosting of  5th annual conference to be held in Los Angeles on Nov 18-20, 2016, at the Hotel Irvine on Jamboree Road. 

The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) is a nonprofit, based in Delhi, India. It describes itself as an independent international organization committed to make Hindu society prosperous through creation and sharing of surplus wealth.

Swami Vigyananand said, "We are now living in the 21st century, equipped with all the advanced technologies like airplane, internet, mobiles, and other modern facilities. When we go back in time to recollect the age of torture, destruction, suppression and humiliation that our forefathers underwent. With greater emphasis on the creation of more open economic markets as well as transformation brought about by rapid technological advances that have led to greater integration of the world economy. Today, the whole world is the market and soon Europe will be a consuming society and Asia a producing one, with India being a major player."

Bala Palanisamy, Secretary of  LA World Hindu Economic Forum, WHEF said, "On common platform, all Hindu businesses are disconnected in communication and WHEF organization is going to fill up the vacuum.

The members of LA World Hindu Economic Forum- Anil Parekh, Raghu Kuppannan, Nitin Bajaj, Nadadur Vardhan, Malikarjun Banda, Sharad requested all the community people to support  this event also help in raising funds to host the conference. Ravi Tilak, Vice Chairman said," Please help us to spread awareness of this great project."

First World Hindu Economic Forum for South East Asia was conducted at Hong Kong, in the year 2012. In 2013, the conference was inaugurated by Shri D. Devadas, Member Organising Committee WHEF Bangkok. Third Annual conference of World Hindu Economic Forum was being organized at New Delhi during November 21–23, 2014. Fouth World Hindu Economic Forum for South East Asia was conducted at London.

Avdhesh Agarwal, social entrepreneur & well-known NRI Philanthropist




NRI social entrepreneurs Help TULSI GABBARD Raise Mega Money for Campaign

Los Angeles, May 08, 2016

The Los Angeles Area fundraiser Entrepreneurs, hosted at the home of Avdhesh Agarwal, at 15 crest  Road, Rolling Hills, in Southern California.