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Inland Sikh Education Empire

NRI Sikh community welcomes opening of new Gurdwara in Riverside

Jhawar Brothers made a history to promote Education of Sikh religion, Understanding, Hope, Hard work, Equality and Intolerance

Jaswant Singh Jhawar-Mechanical Engineer Balbir Singh Jhawar, Business Administrator Balwant Singh Jhawar, business man Devinder Singh Jhawar- Electronic Engineer

A new Sikh temple, or Gurdwara or Sikh Center Riverside- under Inland Sikh Education Empire, opened on Sunday, April 30, 2017, at 16825 Mariposa Ave, Riverside, CA 92504

Riverside,California, September 25, 2017 Singh Grewal

NRI Riverside Sikh Community and LA Community NRI leaders, celebrated the grand opening of their new house of worship with a special ceremony and community langar (Lunch). About 300 people attend the event on April 30, 2017 at Inland Sikh Education Empire -Sikh Center Riverside, 16825 Mariposa Ave, Riverside, CA 92504.

Much of the funding came from the Jhawar brothers. All four brothers: Jaswant Singh Jhawar-Mechanical Engineer, Devinder Singh Jhawar- Electronic Engineers, Balwant Singh Jhawar- business man, and Balbir Singh Jhawar- Business Administrator, serve and maintain Gurdwara premises- including to help clean Gurdwara, cooking Langar, and punjabi classes for second generation.... so on. Balwant Singh Jhawar, down to earth sewadar, can be seen in langar sewa hall with kheer and sweet dishes to reach one by one person at sangat.

"It's been many years in the works, so it's great to be at this point," Balbir Singh Jhawar, an orgaanizer of Inland Sikh Education Empire, told NRIpress."We have a large cooperation from the NRI people who are educated, who understand us, who love us and like to promote second NRI generation."

Amrik Singh Sidhu, an engineer, who is supporter of Jhawar Family, congratulate all saad sangat and Jhawar brothers. Mr. Sidhu, in his speech said, "There is only one God, and that all human beings can have direct access to God with no need of rituals or priests. Sikhism believes that it is immoral to show distinction or rank because of race, class, or gender. Universality and equality are among the most important pillars of the Sikh faith."

Mr.Sidhu added, "Sikhs believe that egotism is the biggest hindrance to connecting with the timeless truth of God. Sikhs practice daily prayer and meditation to reduce the effects of ego and prevent indulgence in the manifestations of ego: Pride/Lust/Greed/Anger/ Attachment. He continued his speech in punjabi and also in english to attract NRI second generation.

Inland Sikh Education Empire is a California Domestic Corporation, which was filed on November 28, 2005 by Jaswant Singh Jhawar. This organization is dedicated to meet the religious, social, cultural, educational and spiritual needs of Sikh Community in the Riverside City. The Institute cultivates a sense of belonging and purpose in Sikhism through inspiration, understanding of Sikh heritage, motivation and diligent educational agenda.

Hardev Singh Sandhu is a family friend of Jhawar brothers, said, "Sikhism recognizes God as the only One. He who is the Creator of the Universe, fearless, not subject to time or space, and does not take birth or die. Sikhism clearly states that God does NOT take birth as a human.Sikhism instructs to consider all human races equal. No one is superior or inferior. Sikhism instructs that our life has a purpose and a goal.


Several congregation members were each presented with a siropa, in recognition of their help with the building project. The siropas are traditionally given to honor people in the Sikh community.

Sikhism is the fifth-largest world religion, and was founded in 1469 by Guru Nanak. It emerged from the Punjab region of India. With more than 25 million followers worldwide, it is one of the youngest major world religions.

Sikhism is a monotheistic faith and teaches that all human beings are considered equal in the eyes of God. This concept of equality spreads across gender, race, religion, ethnicity, etc.

After the special service, the congregation and their guests dined together, which added a festive atmosphere to the day.The free communal kitchen (Langar Hall) is an essential part of every Gurdwara and a source of pride for the Sikhs, as it embodies two core values of their faith — equality and community service (seva)

Gurdwara, meaning the “gateway to the Guru” is the Sikh House of Worship. The Gurdwara houses the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (the Holy scripture). The person who takes care of the scripture is called a Granthi.

During the service, devotees also pay their respects to the holy scripture and then receive divine blessings.

Guru Granth, the Sikh scripture is considered to be the living guru of the Sikhs.

Wearing a turban declares sovereignty, dedication, self-respect, and courage. They wear the turbans to cover their uncut hair, which is a symbol of their faith.




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