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Rajiv Dutta, ex-President of Skype & PayPal- joined Elevation Partners


Successful entrepreneurs are people who can put together teams
.......Rajiv Dutta

  • Ex- President of Skype & PayPal
  • Ex- President of eBay Marketplaces & CFO of eBay
  • 25 years of senior operational and investment experience in consumer and technology businesses.

Los Angeles, April 01, 2010
Munish Tiwari/ Gary Singh

On Non. 24, 2009, Rajiv Dutta joined the Elevation Partners firm as a Managing Director. The firm invests in between $50 million and $300 million per transactions.

Elevation Partners is a private equity firm specializing in middle market, mature, and turnaround transactions. It makes investments in media, entertainment, and consumer related businesses. Within media and entertainment businesses, the firm invests interactive entertainment, music, online content, and intellectual property assets. It seeks to invest in intellectually property centric and content oriented businesses and traditional media and entertainment companies. In his new role, Mr. Dutta will work with Elevation’s five co-founders and the rest of the Elevation team to evaluate investment opportunities, advise the senior management of Elevation’s portfolio companies, and drive the overall strategy of the firm. Elevation Partners is founded in 2004 and is based in Menlo Park, California.

  • Rajiv Dutta is a noted technology manager who has worked at major bioscience, semiconductor, software, and online companies.
  • Dutta worked at Bio-Rad Laboratories from 1988 to 1998, and after a brief tenure at semiconductor equipment manufacturer KLA-Tencor moved to eBay shortly before its IPO as its finance director.
  • He was later promoted to Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations and then to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. During his tenure as CFO, the company’s revenues grew from $430 million to $4.5 billion and the company’s market capitalization increased by nearly $45 billion.
  • He served as President of Skype, which eBay had acquired in 2005
  • In 2006, he moved to serve as president of PayPal, which eBay had acquired in 2002
  • He was promoted to executive vice president and elected to the board of directors on January 23, 2008 as he moved to a new post overseeing all of eBay's ecommerce businesses.
  • On January 30, 2009, Elevation Partners designated Rajiv Dutta for election to the Board at Palm Inc., after Donna Dubinsky offered to resign.

    Rajiv Dutta went to the Doon School and:
  • holds an undergraduate degree in economics from St. Stephen's College of Delhi University.
  • He did MBA from the Drucker School of Management of the Claremont Graduate University.


A Message from PayPal President Rajiv Dutta from eBay Live! in BostonCalifornia, June 15, 2007

Rajiv Dutta

Hi everyone...I'm Rajiv Dutta, President of PayPal. I’m a new face to many people, but I’m actually proud to be an eBay veteran. Over the last nine years I’ve been fortunate to be involved in eBay’s business from a variety of angles, serving as both eBay’s Chief Financial Officer for a number of years, as well as President of Skype, before becoming President of PayPal last September.

Last night, however, was a first for me. I joined Meg and Bill onstage during the Keynote, and what a great experience it was to be able to share some of my personal passion and excitement for what we’re doing to help the eBay Community. I’d like to share some of the highlights happening at PayPal that I offered to our audience last night.

First, let me say that we know that protecting yourself against fraud is a critical challenge that you face in running your business. You hate chargebacks and you hate fraudsters. And let me tell you something – so do WE!

You’ve asked for more support from PayPal in this area, and I’m excited to share some important new features with you that will be significant in helping keep eBay buyers and sellers safe when they trade with PayPal.

PayPal Security Key

Recently in beta testing, the PayPal Security Key is a small electronic device that adds an extra layer of security to your account. Sized perfectly for your keychain, it generates a unique six-digit security code every 30 seconds. You enter that code when you log in to your PayPal or eBay account with your regular user name and password. If someone tries to access your account without the code, they’re locked out. The code – which is synchronized with your log in – will then change at the next 30 second cycle, so you can only get in each time by physically having the Security Key. You can watch the demo here.

Response to the Security Key beta has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m proud to announce that we’re officially bringing the Security Key out of beta starting today. Click here to order yours.

Payment Review

We also understand that sellers want more information about some of the riskiest transactions in the system. So later this summer, we’re launching what we call Payments Review.

Payments Review means, quite simply, that we’ll highlight those transactions we have reason to believe may pose a risk. We’ll keep those transactions pending in your account while we’re investigating them, so that you don’t ship the items until you know the money is good. And when PayPal completes the transaction and you ship the goods, you will be protected 100% -- guaranteed!

We’re very excited about this new capability because it’s what you’ve been asking for – protection against risky transactions. We believe this will have a big positive effect in reducing chargeback issues for sellers.
Confirmed Addresses

The Seller Protection Program was an industry first six years ago when we started it. This year PayPal expanded the confirmed in our system by 50%. This means sellers can ship to 50% more addresses with the confidence that you’ll be covered against chargebacks. We realize you want us to go farther, and, as I said last night, our goal is to keep working on this until every address is confirmed. …………………….







Rajiv Dutta, ex-President of Skype & PayPal- joined Elevation Partners