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Short Biography of both Families

Groom’s parents, Arun and Renu,

Lakshmi Mittal:

This 53-year-old billionaire is the richest non-resident-Indian in the world and the fifth richest man in Britain. He started his career in his family’s steel making business in India and now owns the LMN Group, the world’s second biggest steel producers.

He moved to Britain in 1995 and came to public attention three years ago when the British Government became embroiled in a “cash for favours scandal” after Tony Blair wrote in support of him to the Romanian government following a £125,000 (RM860,000) donation to Labour Party coffers. Mittal is a contributor to the Prince’s Trust. Most of his money is tucked away legally in offshore tax havens like the Dutch Antilles.


Usha Mittal

Mittal’s wife is the daughter of a money-lender. They met in Kolkata and, post-marriage, went to Indonesia in 1976 following his purchase of a failing local steel works there.

The couple with the groom’s parents, Arun and Renu, at the Jardin des Tuileris, before the ‘sangeet’.

Arun Bhatia :

The groom’s father is a low-profile Delhi businessman and deals in real estate. Wealthy in his own right, the Bhatia family home is in Jor Bagh, a posh area in the city.


Renu Bhatia :

The groom’s mother is from a prominent Indian family living in London. She plans to organise a reception for the couple in Delhi later this year.


Vanisha Mittal:

The 23-year-old is the only daughter of steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal and, after completing a master’s degree at the School of Oriental & African Studies in London, joined her father’s company.


Amit Bhatia

An alumnus of Delhi’s British School, Amit, 25, went to Cornell University in New York and works for Credit Suisse First Boston investment bank in London. Says Amit’s grandfather, Pasha Saigal, a prominent London Indian: “He was the captain of the school cricket team, plays squash and golf. He’s quite a catch.”