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Dinesh Kumar Dawda, Oman

Oman NRI Entrepreneur launch medical help to sick and injured NRI returnees

Oman, Aug 12, 2006
Daesh Gupat

NRI, Dinesh Kumar Dawda,49, managing director of Al Itefaq Trading LLC, said he was making arrangements with a team of doctors in India who can treat such patients who cannot get access to further treatment. I have made arrangements in Gujarat and Maharashtra with the help of a team of leading doctors and also looking to see if we can make similar arrangements in other states

There are over 300,000 NRIs in Oman. Most of them work as contract labourers and belong to the underprivileged classes. Sick and injured Indians who are sent back to their hometowns would require further medical attention/assistance back in India. I intend to assist such people by providing them with suitable help when they reach India.

On more occasions than one, the absence of this has cost the lives of these ailing patients or have put them into severe and irrecoverable medical situations.“The teams in Gujarat and Maharashtra are ready, and I will be seeing them soon. But, since the plan is to have such a body available in every state in India, I would need advice – not monetary help — on how to go about it in other states.”

In Oman too, I want to start such a medi-line, but that is something I have not discussed with any authorities here. But, that is also a dream that I closely nurture in my heart as this is my second home. I have been in Oman for nearly 30 years and I have commitments to this country,” Dawda, who has been propelled to doing charity thanks to his grandfather, said.

“My grandfather had said that every man should earmark a small portion of his wages, daily or monthly, for charity. And this is what I have been doing all my life,” Dawda, whose smiling face, and his never-say-no approach to providing assistance has endeared him to many here.

Dinesh Kumar Dawda is a recipient of the Hind Ratna Award. He said, “I am already 49. How many more years am I left with? Before I go, I want to make some humble contribution to this world."

NRI, Dinesh Kumar Dawda received Hind Ratna award

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Dawda honoured with Hind Ratna award

MUSCAT, Aug. 14, 2006
By A Staff Reporter
Times of Oman

Can businessmen be charitable too? The answer is staring at us in the likes of Dilip (Dinesh) Dawda, the managing director of Al Itefaq Trading LLC.

Dawda, who has reached great heights as a businessman here, is however known more for his philanthropic activities, than his business acumen, in which too, he is second to none.

Dawda’s charitable landscape is dotted with unusual tales where he has accorded every manner of help to all sorts of people, both here and abroad. His charitable history in Oman, which spans over the last 27 years, is peppered with his all-encompassing understanding and empathy to those in need.

Without bothering about nationality, religion, caste or creed, Dawda has helped. And all of those to whom he has provided support swear by him.

He has also been on the forefront when calamities have hit nations. For instance, during the earthquake tragedy in Pakistan, Dawda joined hands with the Pakistan Embassy here to collect aid for the victims.

In this manner, he has helped everyone.

He has also contributed his mite in the field of education.

While he has helped tremendously to support campaigns when natural calamities hit nations, including India, he has also helped many on individual basis.

Thanks to him, many Indian youth are better placed and in comfortable positions.

All of this has culminated in his being awarded the Hind Ratna in New Delhi, recently.

Those who commended Dawda for the award noted that this was quite an incentive for him and would spur him to new heights to help more and more needy people.

While most businessmen surge forward in the pursuit of business, and the acquisition of wealth, Dawda is someone who believes that he has enough and has actually opted out of the rat race. While he admits that he still works for a living, he was never in the race for money.

“For, will you be able to take money back with you when you die?” he asks.