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Peter Dhillon a NRI Community Leader, A Businessman and a Philanthropist

Meet Peter Dhillon- Sikh Cranberry King of Canada

Peter Dhillon is active in several business enterprises, including serving as CEO of the Richberry Group of Companies, an agribusiness enterprise with operations in British Columbia and Quebec. The Richberry Group consists of cranberry companies, which combined, are one of Ocean Spray Cranberries largest shareholders and suppliers. Dhillon is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ocean Spray Cranberries Ltd. - the youngest and first Canadian to hold the position.

Mr. Dhillon is known for giving back to the community with his philanthropic and charitable service, which has spanned a wide variety of important areas including health care, child humanitarian support, education, and sport. In 2009 he was honoured with The Order of British Columbia in recognition of his achievements and services. Most recently in a partnership with the Sauder School of Business the Peter P. Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics was established.

In addition to his current business and philanthropic activities, Dhillon has also held many other board positions including: Vice Chairman; British Columbia Ferry Corporation, Vice Chairman; Agriculture Land Commission, which oversees all agriculture lands in British Columbia, Board Director; Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Board Director; Vancouver Airport Authority, Board Governor; Simon Fraser University, Board Director; VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, Board Director; Seacor Environmental and Board Director; Canwel Building Materials. This is just a highlight of the spectrum of Boards Mr. Dhillon has sat on.

Dhillon was also on the Vancouver 2010 Organizing Committee Board as Chairman of the Audit Committee. Dhillon was a member of the Board of the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation. Mr. Dhillon was the chair of the Vancouver branch of Right To Play, the only global-scale implementer of Sport for Development and Peace programmes. Right To Play uses specially-designed sport and play programmes to improve health, build life skills, and foster peace for children and communities affected by war, poverty, and disease, working in both the humanitarian and development contexts in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Dhillon is involved in the local community; having served in numerous volunteer positions including trustee of the Richmond Hospital Foundation, member of the Steering Committee for the 1999 Grey Cup, Honourary Chairman of the Canadian Olympic Committee 2003 and 2009 Annual Conference and Olympic Hall of Fame Dinner.

Dhillon graduated from the University of British Columbia where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History. He continued his education in the UK with a LL.B. with honours from the University of Leeds.

In 1993, Peter Dhillon finished his LLB degree from UK University and help his father family business.
In 2018, his Richberry Group produced over 20 million pounds of cranberries last year. He has over 2,000 acres,  and in Massachusetts also own about 2,500 acres.------

Peter Dhillon’s Father Rachpal Singh Dhillon

  • Peter Dhillon’s father Rachpal Singh Dhillon came to Canada in 1950 from Pandori village in Hoshiarpur
  • Rachpal Singh Dhillon join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) at the age of 19, rising to the rank of Deputy Sheriff.
  • In 1982, Rachpal Singh took early retirement to get into cranberry farming full time

About Richberry Group

  • Richberry Group of Companies is a national agribusiness enterprise with operations  in British Columbia and Quebec. The Richberry Group is operated by a diverse management team and is led by Peter Dhillon, the company’s President and CEO.
  • As a second-generation cranberry grower, Richberry Group is Canada’s largest  grower-owner of Ocean Spray Cranberries.

Our History
What began in 1978 as a modest sized cranberry farm located in Richmond, B.C. evolved through partnerships and acquisitions into a geographically diverse operation with farms in both British Columbia and in rural Quebec. After our expansion into the Quebec region in 2008, we now own and operate over 1000 acres of cranberries and remain one of Canada’s largest producers and suppliers of Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc.



The United States, Canada, and Chile accounted for 98% of the world production of cranberries. Most cranberries are processed into products such as juice, sauce, jam, and sweetened dried cranberries, with the remainder sold fresh to consumers. Cranberry sauce is a traditional accompaniment to turkey at Christmas dinner in the United Kingdom, and at Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners in the United States and Canada

Cranberry Benefits:

  1. Powerhouse of Antioxidants: One cup of cranberries in fact has a total of 8,983 antioxidant capacity.
  2. Prevents UTIs: According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, cranberry helps prevent UTIs. However, cranberry juice is far less effective since it takes an extremely large concentration of cranberry to prevent bacterial adhesion.
  3. Boosts Brain Power: The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds present in cranberries may improve memory and coordination according to Tufts University.
  4. Prevents Cancer: “Research has shown that cranberries are beneficial in slowing tumor progression and have shown positive effects against prostate, liver, breast, ovarian and colon cancers”,
  5. Helps with Weight Loss: “Cranberry juice has an emulsifying effect on the fats deposited in the body which in turn help with weight loss. Since it is loaded with fiber, it also helps one stay full for longer”,
  6. Combats Tooth Decay: cranberries may benefit oral health by preventing gum disease and bacteria from binding to the teeth
  7. Nourishes Skin: According to, cranberries help nourish the skin and make it more supple. You can blend quarter cup of honey with two tablespoons of dried cranberries and quarter tablespoon of essential oil and apply it to your skin for 10 minutes for improved results.
  8. Boosts Immunity: Since cranberries are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, they promote a healthy immune system and reduce the odds of you getting sick.
  9. Heart Healthy: The polyphenols present in cranberries may also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by preventing platelet build-up and reducing blood pressure.
Dhillon is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ocean Spray Cranberries Ltd. - the youngest and first Canadian to hold the position.

Ocean Spray:

The Ocean Spray story starts in 1930 when three passionate, independent cranberry growers found the key to expanding the superfruit's success: a single cranberry-growing family!
 By coming together in one cooperative, Marcus Urann, John Makepeace and Elizabeth Lee worked together to create deliciously innovative products with the fruit they loved.
They continued to grow their cranberry family along the way, which now includes over 700 grower families across North and South America!

Once our three founders banded together and launched their first product - Jellied Cranberry Sauce - there was no stopping the Ocean Spray Cooperative. Growers from Wisconsin, Washington and Oregon quickly joined the cooperative, and within its first decade, Ocean Spray became the first producer of cranberry juice drinks!


NRI Dhillon donates $250,000 to Kwantlen Polytechnic University

NRI Peter Dhillon, CEO of the Richberry Group of Companies and one of the world’s largest suppliers of cranberries donates $250,000 to Kwantlen University. The gift marks the single largest donation received by Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the Institute for Sustainable Horticulture...........Read More

NRI Rashpal “Paul” Dhillon's family donated $2 million

to support research into the incurable lung disease Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and the health benefits of cranberries. The funds are the Rashpal Dhillon Fund in Idiopathic Pulmonary Research and the Rashpal Dhillon Fund in Cranberry Research. ...Read More

Mr. Peter Dhillon is a man of kindness whose personality is connected to all walks of the community. Mr. Peter Dhillon is CEO of the Richberry Group of Companies and one of the world’s largest suppliers of cranberries......Read More
OTTAWA — Mr. Peter P. Dhillon has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) for a three-year period. The Honourable Herb Dhaliwal, Minister of Natural Resources Canada, announced the appointment today.

“Mr. Dhillon has had a successful career in business, and he will be a welcome addition to the Board,” said Minister Dhaliwal. “I believe his leadership and experience on various boards will be an asset to AECL in its deliberations and decisions.”

AECL is a Crown corporation that was established in 1952 to develop peaceful applications of nuclear energy. It reports to Parliament through the Minister of Natural Resources. The corporation currently employs 4,000 people at locations in Canada and four other countries.

AECL is the third-largest global supplier of nuclear energy systems and technology. It develops, markets and manages the construction of CANDU power reactors and MAPLE research reactors, carries out reactor research, supplies CANDU and light-water reactor support services and offers radioactive waste management products and services.






Mr. Peter Dhillon, CEO of the Richberry Group of Companies and one of the world’s largest suppliers of cranberries.

Dhillon becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ocean Spray Cranberries Ltd. - the youngest and first Canadian to hold the position.