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NRI Dr. Mehta performs Hip Surgery on Vice President Joe Biden's mother

Delaware, March 17, 2009
Sudhir Chopra

The mother of Vice President Joe Biden, Catherine Eugenia "Jean" Biden, 91, underwent Hip Surgery surgery today, at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. She suffered a broken hip in the fall she took over the weekend and she was hospitalized Sunday.

Mrs. Biden lives in a guest house on the grounds of Joe Biden's home in Greenville, Del.

Dr. Samir Mehta, the chief of the Division of Orthopaedic Trauma at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, performed the surgery, which involved applying a plate and screw device to Mrs. Biden's hip. Dr. Mehta is pleased with the outcome of the surgery."

Metal Plate and Screws: Some hip fractures occur below the femoral neck in the area called the intertrochanteric region. These fractures are called intertrochanteric hip fractures. These hip fractures are usually truly the result of a fall and often are the hardest type of fracture to treat. They often involve more than one break.

As a result, several pieces of broken bone must be held together.

She is recovering well and is in stable condition.




The Vice President's mother, Jean Biden, 91, was injured in a fall at her home in Delaware Sunday, according to White House officials.

Vice President Joe Biden's mother, Catherine Eugenia "Jean" Biden, 91, underwent Hip Surgery

Vice President Joe Biden

  • Joe Biden served as a Senator from Delaware for 36 years, before being elected Vice President