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Dr. Ravi & Mr. Hyde is a comedy about a doctor who went to film school to make a film about being a doctor.


NRI doctor wrote, produced, directed and also star himself in"Dr Ravi & Mr Hyde"

Pittsburgh, Sep.11, 2007
Daljeet Sanghera

NRI doctor, Dr. Ravi Godse, 39 wrote, produced, directed and also star himself in “Dr. Ravi & Mr. Hyde,” a very funny comedy about a doctor who went to film school to make a film about being a doctor. “Making movies is not brain surgery; it is more difficult than that,” says Dr. Ravi Godse.

His search for divine fulfillment takes him from the halls of a hospital to what he believes is his true calling - directing and producing a true "timeless classic" motion picture.

  • This is a comic story of a busy doctor dealing with a midlife crisis and a hillarious film
  • Godse takes our “mid-life crisis” hero on a journey from Pittsburg to South Africa as he tries to create a film that will bring him the greatness he always hoped to achieve.
  • On his journey, he must cope with unscrupulous agents, reluctant colleagues, an unenthusiastic wife and even the Mafia.
  • As Dr. Ravi continues to pursue his filmmaking goal, he becomes obsessed with it, and he turns into his own version of Mr. Hyde. The movie is all Dr. Ravi talks about, so it’s no wonder his personal life starts falling apart.
  • “I want to make a classic,” he declares. But his wife and his colleagues (who start avoiding him at the hospital) look on this new project with disdain.
  • I don't want to be continually busy and I want to have a life.

Godse also peppers his film with low-key jokes that work because of their eccentricities. We never feel the movie trying to be hip and quirky, which is exactly why its quirkiness succeeds - it's not forced or phony.

Godse visited “Movie Addict Headquarters” on BlogTalkRadio to discuss his charming movie, which is now available on DVD via Internet retailers and in stores nationwide on July 31, 2007. He spent about $ 70,000 his own money and made a deal with Inecom Entertainment, a Pittsburgh-area production company which released the film on DVD.

Dr. Ravi Godse moved to the US in 1995, visits Europe frequently and writes historical travelogues online.

  • To hear Dr. Ravi on BlogTalkradio, click here





A comedy about a doctor who went to film school to make a film about being a doctor. Hmmm! Dr Ravi and Mr Hyde sure sounds autobiographical?

Dr. Ravi Godse is a physician by profession and a writer, film maker and history buff by passion.


  • I am a real life doctor and I did go to film school. I had some of the experiences and I do believe that life imitates art but I still won't call it autobiographical. The dusky Colombian nurse and blond Irish boy, who play my wife and son in the movie, will stand testimony to that.
  • Being a doctor here, all my calls are returned, no matter who I call. The calls stop once they know why I am calling but I get one chance.
    Going to film school as a physician was a little tough. I was a straight A student since pre-school and had a hard time dealing with initial C grades.