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Dr. Anil Tangotra, 53, Essex (east London), jailed 11 years for rape case


NRI UK doctor jailed 11 years for rape and sexual abuse two NRI future brides

London, Feb. 02, 2008
Santosh Kumari

NRI Anil Tangotra, 53, an Essex (east London) family doctor, a separated father-of-two, was yesterday jailed for 11 years who drugged, raped and abused virgin two brides. He was convicted of sex offences including rape and attempted rape, ordered to pay £12,000 costs and put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life. He was practising for 18 months by the General Medical Council.

He posed as an investment banker in his 30s to snare two innocent victims through an online Indian marriage web sites. He lied that the women "instigated" sexual contact, was convicted in December. He took a 32 years old student from Newcastle on a sightseeing tour of London. He then drove her to his home in Ilford, East London, in his black Mercedes, spiked her orange juice with alcohol and raped her. Tangotra told a 30-year-old teacher he was an investment banker called Ashok. He spiked her orange juice with sedative Zolpidem and assaulted her.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard Tangotra told his first trial his virgin victim initiated sex. He got bail and returned to Indian web site to find his next target. Judge William Kennedy said: “Like a shark you cruised waters of arranged marriage, seeking out the vulnerable.” A jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court convicted him of raping and attempting to rape the first victim in April 2006. He was also found guilty of sexual assault and attempted rape of the second woman in May 2007. The court heard that both victims realised Tangotra was not the man he led them to believe, but they agreed to have dinner with him before turning him down.

The first victim said in the court, "I was crying and screaming. I was devastated. I was absolutely ruined. I was treated like a call-girl... and left like a zombie."

The second victim said, "I remember walking around the room a bit and that is when I collapsed, then there was nothing." 'Seduction, trickery.' She realised that he was trying to rape her and managed to escape. A sedative found in her bloodstream matched one found at Tangotra's home after his arrest.

Judge William Kennedy said:

  • You were a sexual predator determined to have sexual intercourse with young Indian women by whatever seduction, trickery or force became necessary.
  • Had the jury not been sure of your guilt upon the evidence, the reputation of each woman within her community would have been utterly and irrevocably destroyed.

The police said that there are a number of other victims who haven't come forward. He was originally freed after a jury failed to reach a verdict on his first attackand he used the time to strike again




NRI Anil Tangotra, 53, an Essex (east London) family doctor jailed for 11 years who drugged, raped and abused virgin two brides