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NRI establishes specialty hospital in Dubai

DUBAI, Feb. 16, 2005

An NRI businessman here has launched Dubai's first super-specialty hospital in the private sector, seeking to provide world-class medical care to people in the entire Arab world and Iran.

Mr Qasim Sultan Al Banna, Chief of the Department of Health and Medical Services, Dubai, inaugurated the Rs 80 crore hospital, belonging to the NMC Group headed by Mr B R Shetty, recently.

"This is the first time state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities and super-specialist doctors have come together in the private sector," Mr Shetty said. Majority of the doctors in the newly opened hospital are from India, Mr Shetty informed.

"We have the latest diagnostic tools in MRI, CT Scan, ultrasound and others," he said.

Pointing out the changing needs in the field of medical care, Mr Shetty said, for instance, diabetes is posing a major threat in the country with nearly 40 per cent of the people at risk and the new hospital will be giving special attention to the disord er'.

Other areas the hospital will focus on include, paediatrics, gynaecology, neurology and cardiology. - PTI


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