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NRI from UK, Dentist, Dr. Karthikeyan Subramani.

NRI, bags prestigious 'Andre Schroeder Research Prize 2006'

NRI Press

NRI, UK, Dentist, Dr. Karthikeyan Subramani, (28), received an annual award worth CHF 20 000 for the advancement of dental research and development. Karthikeyan Subramani commended for work on hydrogels in guided tissue regeneration. He is the first ( NRI) Indian and the youngest to receive the 'Andre Schroeder Research Prize'.

He was selected by the jury for his scientific investigation of the cell adhesive properties of polyethylene glycol (PEG) hydrogel and its potential as a carrier for growth factors. A possible application of this might be to modify implant surfaces in order to guide and promote differentiated tissue attachment to specific areas, while preventing attachment to others.Mr Subramani’s work looked at PEG hydrogels coated on a surface using photolithographic techniques. The gels were shown to be ideal for incorporating proteins, such as osteoinductive growth factors, which were released over time to provide a signal to cells. Most impressively, the project succeeded in creating micropatterns on the hydrogel surface. The patterns were made up of tiny defined areas (wells or grooves), as small as 50 micrometers, which contained the osteoinductive growth factor VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor). The adjacent areas on the other hand were empty. The study showed that bone-forming cells (osteoblasts) clearly migrated to the areas containing VEGF. It is postulated that this research might lead to modified implant surfaces that stimulate bone formation in specific areas, while preventing it in others. It may therefore offer intriguing possibilities to implant designers in the future as they seek to improve treatment outcomes and further enhance the standard of patient care.

The award was presented by Straumann’s President and CEO, Gilbert Achermann, at the André Schroeder Memorial Symposium, an important dental congress currently taking place in the Swiss capital. Karthikeyan Subramani, who is the thirteenth recipient of this prestigious prize.

About NRI, Dr. Karthikeyan Subramani

Dr. Karthikeyan Subramani told NRI press, "I have been the proud recipient of the prestigious 'Andre Schroeder Research Prize 2006' for my MSc research work at the Andre Schroeder Memorial Symposium held at Berne, Switzerland on the 5th & 6th of May 2006. The André Schroeder Research Prize is an international award, which serves to promote new scientific findings in implant dentistry, oral tissue regeneration and related fields. This annual award is given by Straumann Ltd (A Swiss-based Dental Implant company) adjudicated by the International Team of Implantologists (ITI, Basel, Switzerland). I am Dental surgeon(aged 28 yrs) from India currently working in University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.I finished my BDS from Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University in Dec 2003.I came to the UK in Sept 2004 for my MSc degree program in Biomedical Nanotechnology and I graduated in Dec 2004 from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. I am the first Indian and the youngest to receive the 'Andre Schroeder Research Prize'.My parents are doctors and my younger sister is also a doctor.My family is living in Tamilnadu, India.I am currently working in Restorative Dentistry Department,University of Newcastle upon Tyne,UK.The Andre Schroeder Research Prize was awarded to me for my work about Hydrogels that can potentially be used as an interface in Dental or Orthopaedic Implants towards better osteointegratio".

About the André Schroeder Research Prize
First presented in 1992, the Prize serves to promote new scientific findings in oral implantology and related fields. It is given in honor of the late Professor Schroeder, who pioneered dental implantology and whose life’s work contributed greatly to modern dentistry. Sponsored by Straumann, the André Schroeder Prize furthers illustrates the company’s commitment in the field of research and development, where it ranks among the leading contributors in the industry.



NRI, UK, Dentist, Dr. Karthikeyan Subramani,