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Los Angeles NRIs/OFBJP-USA celebrate Narendra Modi's victory
Modi wave crosses the Oceans!

Overseas Friends of BJP –USA, Southern California Chapter
Harish Dhruv, Dr. Rangaesh Gadasalli, Gopal Chaturvedi, Raju Patel


Los Angeles, May 16, 2014

Woodlands Restaurant in the city of Artesia, Los Angeles county was the venue for celebration of the Narendra Modi/BJP.NDA victory in the Indian national elections to the parliament. This victory celebration event, was Organized by members and office bearers, of Overseas Friends of BJP USA, in cooperation with Gayatri Pariwar, American Hindu Federation, UFICA, HSS, VHP, Gujarati Cultural Society and many other organizations. This event attracted people who wanted a political change in the leadership.

The meeting started with singing of VANDE MATARAM by all and saying Bharat Mata KI Jai slogans, several times.

Welcoming the audience, Harish Dhruv, former President OFBJP, USA, and current coordinator of OFBJP –USA, Southern California, gave brief account of the all the publicity OFBJP –USA, took that included CHAI PE CHARCHA weekly meetings at Gayatri Pariwar, giving advertisements in Indian weekly news Papers, and asking people and their relatives in Bharat to vote for leadership change and vote for BJP and Narendra Modiji.

Gopal Chaturvedi, senior executive committee member of OFBJP, also gave brief history of all the activities carried out by the organization in last 23 years, in Southern California, and in other states of USA.

Outstanding community leaders, Physicians, business men dentists, and people associated with Temples and others socio cultural organizations were requested to express their feelings with the outcome of elections in Bharat.

Both Dr. Manmohan Nayyar and Dr .Vir Nanda, of Apple Valley, California, stated that a spiritual leader of Uttar Pradesh, Shree Devakinandan Thakurji’s effort’s, to clean Ganga and Jamna rivers waters, will get great boost due to big win by soon to be Prime Minister of Bharat, Shree Narendra Modiji from that Holy city, known as Varanasi, and also from, devotees of Bhagavan Krishna, Mrs. Hema Malini, who got elected from Holy city of Mathura”.

While Dr. Swaroop and Dr. Amrit Nehru wished the NDA would take care of the plight of Kashmiri Hindus who have been the target of extremists for a long period.

Philanthropist, Shree Ganapat Patel, indicated that “he has personally known Narendra Modiji as person with integrity, intelligence, humility, and committed to uplift lives of every children of Bharatmata”

Dr. Gadasalli stated that “a changed India and the new generation have given the verdict about who could serve the interests of Bharat. He also opined that Muslims in large numbers-10% have voted for NDA signifying a major change in the attitude of the community.”

C.K. Patel, BJP Adhikari, from Banaskantha, Gujarat State, stated “things will work better with USA as a strong leader has emerged in Bharat”. Dr. Mishra who hails from the Holy city of Varanasi hailed the victory and hoped the tradition and culture of Bharat will be preserved and supported by the new Govt.

Another leaders of the community, and members of OFBJP –USA, Dr. Amit Desai, along with Dr. Krishna Reddy, Dr. Ram Singhania, Dr. Mahesh Guptaji, conveyed “Congratulations to millions of Hindustanis who made it possible BJP’s grand victory under dynamic leadership of Narendra Modiji, and said “truth always triumphs” and “Good governance and developments are the way to bring golden age to Bharat”

The meeting ended with group rendering of “Jan Gan Man” by all the 200 persons, who attended this event and were served with good vegetarian food.