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Democratic National Committee appointed 3 NRIs to lead the Council through the 2008 election


WASHINGTON, March 23, 2007
Sam Gupta

The Chairman Howard Dean of Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced to form a new Co- Chairs for the DNC's Indo-American Leadership Council to lead the Council through the 2008 election cycle.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean appointed three NRIs:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said, "Each of them understands the importance of encouraging and increasing the participation of the Indian-American community in our American democracy, and that we need the Indian American community not just at the table, but on the ticket. Under their leadership, the Indo-American Leadership Council will no doubt continue the great tradition begun by outgoing Chair Dr. Ramesh Kapur, and have a tremendous impact on helping elect a Democratic President and Democrats up and down the ballot in 2008."

The new Co-Chairs will be introduced on a conference call on Wednesday, March 28th at 1:15 PM Eastern Time. The new Co-Chairs take over from the current Chair, Ramesh Kapur, an entrepreneur from Boston, MA who helped create the Indo-American Leadership Council at the DNC in 2004. Under Kapur's leadership, the Council raised millions for the national Party and the Democratic presidential nominee in the 2004 cycle.

It was established in 2004 and the DNC Indo-American Leadership Council is comprised of Indian-American professionals, entrepreneurs, activists, and community leaders who represent citizens of Indian descent across the nation. The council works to recognize the loyalty, dedication, and generous contributions of the Indian-American community to the Democratic Party, and to provide a platform for political engagement and a forum for the exchange of ideas for Indian-American Democrats.