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Dinesh Joshi, constable in Scotland's police force

NRI Sergeant Dinesh Joshi, prepares to retire after 30 yrs of service in Scotland

London, Dec. 26, 2006
Rameshvar Singh

NRI Dinesh Joshi was the first NRI (non-resident India) constable in Scotland's police force in the 1970s, is preparing to retire after having 30 years services in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was responsible for improving race relations at various levels between the police and the public.

Joshi , 59 years old NRI has risen from a beat constable to an inspector based at Fettes during his police career.

Sergeant Dinesh Joshi, is one of our local authority liaison officers. He is responsible for developing community safety policy and provides a valuable contact point in The City of Edinburgh Council. Dinesh promotes a wide range of partnership projects and is committed to making Edinburgh a safer place to be. In his own time, he works on behalf of black and ethnic communities and has recently been involved in co-ordinating joint agency work for the European Year Against Racism: 'I am totally sold on partnership working. I feel that the only way to progress many local problems is to work with the communities themselves.'

Mr Joshi said that it was "greater confidence" among the ethnic community to report race hate crimes which lies behind the increase. Mr Joshi, whose family moved from India to Kenya before travelling to the UK in 1975, said he shocked his family with his decision to join the police.

Dinesh Joshi,worked in the operations room at the West End station before becoming an inspector based in Dalkeith, Leith and finally Fettes. The introduction of race relations training for his colleagues also saw him become one of its first educators.

And he served as chairman of the Edinburgh and Lothian Racial Equality Council, which works to promote equality and support victims of racism. But he is perhaps most proud of watching the number of ethnic officers climb to 42 among a force of 2721.

Mr Joshi added: "Ethnic communities feel much more comfortable with reporting racist incidents. The police has changed in many ways over 30 years. "I like to think I was a pioneer. But we need even more young people from ethnic groups to join the force and become part of a thriving Scottish society. That is how you make a difference."

Family: Mr Joshi, who is married to Rohiri, 47, has two children Aarti, 27, a PR consultant, and Sapna, 24, an architecture graduate.







Dinesh Joshi was the first NRI constable in Scotland's police force in the 1970s