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Simrit Gill, 20, student of UNC was murdered by her husband


Updated: Feb. 16, 2008:

Feb. 10, 2008: Simrit Gill's e-mails to her best friends:

  • She "had the talk" with Brar. She had asked him to move out and planned to tell her parents over the weekend she wanted a divorce.
  • Simrit Gill kept secrets.
  • But problems often emerge when modern views collide with ancient tradition.......Read Full Story

Simrit Gill's family speaks out - wants domestic violence victims to come forward before it's too late.

Charlotte, NC, Feb. 04, 2008

After visitation at an East Charlotte funeral home, the family of Simrit Gill, spoke out about domestic violence and sent a message to domestic violence victims to come forward before it's too late

Video of visitation at an East Charlotte funeral home

Simrit Gill's aunt, Manpreet Brar said:

  • If it happened to one, it can happen to others, we have to stop this and we have to get control.
  • If it's anyone else, I could believe it, but not that little girl
  • Her neck was cut with something and she tried to run probably, I don't know, but she struggled.
  • She recently found out about a conversation her niece had with Amandeep Brar some time before her murder.
  • One day they had a fight and she left out the place that night. And then she came back the next day and then he told her ‘If you ever leave me again, I'm going to kill you’," Manpreet Brar said, adding Simrit Gill's closest family and friends had no prior knowledge of the incident.

    Manpreet Brar who gave the interviw on the TV is an aunt of Simrit Gill ( She is a sister of Simrit Gill's mother- called Masi). Manpreet Brar is also related to Amandeep Brar. She is married to Amandeep Brar's father's brother's son. In back home Amandeep Brar's father did not have good relationship with his brother and family. This was the reason Manpreet Brar was not invited in marriage. Amandeep Brar's parents in Chandigarh said, they loved the couple and never heard any problems they face.

Simrit Gill's brother said:

  • I know it's hard to tell anyone about any kind of abuse that they're facing but speak up.
  • There was never any indication his sister's husband was a violent person.
  • When it happened, it was a big surprise to us, a big surprise to everyone. It's was just unexpected


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NRI Amandeep Brar, arrested for killing his student wife- Simrit Gill

Charlotte, NC, Feb. 02, 2008 3PM
NRIpress- Media

NRI Simrit Gill, 20, student of UNC (University of North Carolina), Charlotte, was found dead on Friday, Feb. 01, at her University City apartment (the Mission Mallard Creek Apartments) on Bennettsville Lane, Charlotte, NC.

The police told media that about 8:46 a.m, a friend of the couple, who was concerned after overhearing an argument between the two, called 911. When the police arrived the apartment, they found Simrit Gill's body and started to find her husband.

After three hours later, the police officers found Amandeep Brar sitting inside the McDonald's restaurant, located at the Wal-Mart on J.W. Clay Boulevard. The police Officers arrested him without incident and charged him with first degree murder and is held without bond. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Homicide Sgt. Lisa Mangum said the couple had a disagreement shortly before the incident.

According to the police:

  • Amandeep Brar was born in India and had been a college student in Canada. He was trying to transfer his credits to a college in North Carolina.
  • Simrit Gill was born in Canada and moved with her family to Mooresville in the fifth grade.
  • They had been married for about two years and had no criminal record in North Carolina.
  • They had no history of domestic violence

A memorial service for Simrit Gill was held Sunday at JB Tallent Funeral Service, on Sharon Amity Road in Charlotte.








Simrit Gill, 20, student of UNC (University of North Carolina), Charlotte, was murdred by her husband Amandeep Brar

Amandeep Brar, Address: 6030 BENNETTSVILLE 304 CHARLOTTE NC 28262 , DOB: 03/03/1983 was arrested on Feb. 01, 2008