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Samrajyo Jyothirmai Vempala murder case


Indian student in UK sentenced life imprisonment for killing fellow student


Wolverhampton, Dec. 18, 2008
Sant Parkash Singh

Nagaraja Kumar Nalluri, 25, Indian (Andhra) student was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing fellow Andhra student Jyothirmai Vempala on May 6, 2008. She shared apartment with Nagaraja and other Andhra students.

Nagaraja said that a masked intruder had attacked them. The investigator became suspicious as he had written “I love you” with his blood on the window pane. Later he said that he begged the masked intruder to spare Jyothirmai and had been forced to declare his love for her by writing with his blood. The neighbours said they had heard them fighting for some time. Vempala's friend found her in a pool of blood.

West Midlands Police arrested Nagaraja who had also sustained injuries in the incident. He also used a knife to cut his wrists and neck and wrote ‘I love Jyothi’ in his blood on the wall before escaping from the scene.

Actually he became angry when she rebuffed him and he hit on her head repeatedly with a dumbbell. After hitting, he tried to sex with her and also took her pictures. According to the police, she died as a result of head injuries.

Judge Melbourne Inman said, “On the evidence before the jury you struck her at least 12 times to the head. Undoubtedly many more blows were struck against her.” He must serve a minimum of 25 years before being considered for parole.

Miss Jyothirmai Vempala, 23, got admission in MS degree, Health Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton in Sep., 2007. She received Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in Vijayawada, India. Nagaraja also got admission in same University after few months. They were friends and had studied together in India.

Vempala's father, Naga Saibaba who came from India said:

  • We have lost our daughter but we are satisfied that the guilty has been brought to book
  • He deserved this punishment
  • He thanked the Birmingham police and the courts for punishing the culprit.
  • Our faith in God and judiciary has been vindicated
  • We are happy over the speedy disposal of the case. The guilty has been sentenced in a few months




Samrajyo Jyothirmai Vempala 23, died when she was hit on her head repeatedly with a dumbbell.

Nagaraja Kumar Nalluri, 25 was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing fellow Andhra student Jyothirmai Vempala on May 6