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Ashok Kalyanjee stabbed his two young sons to death



NRI Ashok Kalyanjee who stabbed two sons to death jailed for 21 years

London, Jan 22, 2009
Sant Parkash Singh

NRI Ashok Kalyanjee, 46, who stabbed his two young sons- 6 years old Paul Ross and 2 years old Jay Ross to death, was sentenced to at least 21 years in jail.

Lord Brailsford said:

  • It is clear from what I've been told that this crime was premeditated, planned and organized.
  • You used deceit and lies to persuade both the children's mother and the children themselves to go out with you that afternoon.
  • You purchased the murder weapon in advance and acquired petrol.
  • He would have ordered Kalyanjee to serve a minimum of 28 years, but reduced it to 21 years because of his early guilty plea.
  • The victims were defenseless and no doubt they trusted you and assumed you would take care of them as a father should.
  • This is as grave a crime as can be imagined.

Lord Brailsford jailed Kalyanjee for life and told him he would have to serve a minimum period of 21 years behind bars.

Ashok Kalyanjee showed no emotion as the sentence was pronounced, but his ex-wife Giselle Ross yelled at him in the court, "They were my babies. They never even loved you anyway".


London, Nov 20, 2008
Sant Parkash Singh

NRI Ashok Kalyanjee has admitted responsibility for the death of his two young sons who were found stabbed to death in car before attempting to set fire to the vehicle. Kalyanjee suffered burns and was taken to hospital, remaining in intensive care until June 19.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Ashok's lawyer, Paul McBride QC said:

  • Mr Kalyanjee accepts that the actions contained in the charge were committed by him. The only issue relates to his mental state at the time."
  • He was a "very, very disturbed man" at the time of the offence, although psychiatrists confirmed that he was sane and fit to plead.
  • His client had kept a diary in which he recorded his perceptions of Scottish society and how he was feeling.
  • He described himself being racially attacked, racially abused and excluded from the family of his children.
  • He felt he didn't want his children to be brought up in that sort of society.
  • Mr Kalyanjee still finds it difficult to understand what he has done.
  • He is someone who loved his children, who described them as his arms, children he wanted to be with forever, and it appears the perception by him on that dreadful day was that they would all die together.

The judge adjourned the hearing for next week.

His ex-wife, Giselle Ross, who is estranged from Kalyanjee, said after their deaths that they were "beautiful and well loved boys".

Giselle Ross, 41, said:

  • I should have been lighting Paul's birthday candles for him.
  • Instead, I stood by his grave and told him how much I loved him and missed him and Jay Jay.
  • Every day Giselle and her family make the sad pilgrimage to the graveside in Riddrie, Glasgow.
  • Two black granite teddy bear headstones mark the spot.
  • The only comfort I have is knowing my babies are buried with their arms around each other, dressed in their favorite Spider-Man and Bob the Builder pyjamas, with my mammy's ashes in beside them.
  • It's the only place I can go and hide from the world and think about my beautiful babies.
  • I guard it jealously as it is the only place I can get any peace.


Two Boys' bodies found in car, NRI arrested

London, May 05, 2008
Sant Parkash Singh

Police found the blood-soaked bodies of the two boys- 6 years old Paul Ross and 2 years old Jay Ross in the car with their father slumped unconscious in the front seat of the vehicle near Lennoxtown, East Dunbartonshire. Ashok Kalyanjee cut their throats before pouring petrol over them and himself.

Giselle Ross divorced Ashok Kalyanjee in 2004, the couple were still on good terms and he saw his sons regularly. On May 03, Saturday morning, Kalyanjee phoned Ms Ross to ask if he could see the boys. He promised them a game of football plus money to buy toys.

Paul Ross was not interested to his father but Kalyanjee offered him £10. Paul told his mother: "Mum, I could buy a Spiderman toy with £10."

Ross became alarmed after a strange phone call from her ex-husband. Ashok said, the boys were fine, he told her: "You'll regret everything you've done to me in life." He then hung up. Giselle Ross feared he was about to flee the country with her sons. She tried to call him and failed. She began to search parks before reporting the boys missing.

Passers called the police after spotting Kalyanjee slumped in the car, parked in a lay-by in the Campsie Fells, near Lennoxtown, East Dunbartonshire.

The police found the Mercedes car by the stench of petrol as they opened the door to the car:

  • Kalyanjee was unconscious and officers noticed a large knife covered in blood in the footwell.
  • They found Paul and noticed two stab wounds on his neck, then found Jay

The police found a dictating machine near the vehicle on which the voices of Kalyanjee and a child were audible.

  • Kalyanjee recorded himself in Punjabi and saying: "These children are mine and they go with me. This death is near."
  • Today is the last day
  • He also said in English: "Nobody can separate us, nobody can separate us now.
  • I've become a gambler and a drunk, nothing has become of me.

Ashok Kalyanjee 45, from India, has lived in the UK since 1991. Ashok, former taxi driver, who works in a call centre and married to Giselle Ross (Scottish) in 2001.

One neighbour said Kalyanjee, known as Ash:

  • Appeared to be a doting dad when spotted with his sons.
  • I saw him with the older boy quite often and he was always very happy looking.
  • He badly wanted to patch things up with the boys' mother but he complained she was bleeding him dry financially.
  • He claimed that she had run up a big credit card bill and he was the one who had to stump up the cash and the debt was a huge worry for him.

Another neighbour said:

  • Kalyanjee lived with ailing mother Maya Devi, 70, in a Cowcaddens tower block.
  • He struggled to look after her, she didn’t speak English and he was all she had. Ash’s drink and gambling problems made her furious.”
  • Ashok's mother and Giselle Ross ex-wife, both knew that he was mentally unstable and they were fearing the worst.
  • He had been going downhill rapidly and he was under pressure.
  • He was struggling with debts and had made things worse by gambling and he wasn't getting the access to his kids that he wanted.
  • He turned to drinking and that made the access issue even worse and things look like they have spiralled out of control.




Paul Ross- 6 years old

Jay Ross- 2 years old