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Rohinie Bisesar


  • Suspect in downtown stabbing dressed for success but was broke and homeless… The Globe and Mail‎

Our Readers wrote:

  • She needs help, obviously. This women likely suffered from some sort of psychotic break and is in need of treatment, not retribution.
  • She is probably a sad, very mentally ill individual. She's had difficulty getting permanent employment since 2007 and that it was her wide circle of friends who kept her off the street. Because of her attractive looks, she is all over the North American news and challenge to NRI people if any NRI association can help to our second generation.
  • But one acquaintance says the allegations facing Rohinie Bisesar are “extremely, extremely out of character.”
  • The person I know is extremely gentle, extremely calm, and physically you’d be very hard-pressed to find someone smaller


PIO/NRI Rohinie Bisesar Brilliant MBA charged with second-degree murder

Toronto, Canada, Dec 14, 2015
NRIpress-Club/Sunil/Gary Singh-LA

PIO/NRI Rohinie Bisesar, a 40-year-old brilliant MBA graduate, an unemployed woman, spending her entire day in front of her laptop and known to frequent the downtown Toronto area’s coffee shops and restaurants, used to be one of the well-dressed in an immaculate black suit and dress shirt, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Miss Bisesar, financial advisor left her alleged victim with life-threatening injuries on Dec. 11, Friday, at 2:55 p.m as reporters say the young woman suffered stab wounds puncturing “vital organs.”

A newlywed, Rosemarie “Kim” Junor died Wednesday night after days on life-support. She was just 28. Police have said there’s no apparent connection between Junor and the accused.

Bisesar received her MBA in 2007 from York University and worked at the institute from 1999-2007. She was also listed as chair of a sub-committee for Women in Capital Markets, a networking association, from 2011-2013.

According to Toronto police spokesman, David Hopkinson, the well-liked businesswoman has no criminal record prior to the “completely unprovoked” incident.

Rohinie Bisesar made another brief appearance in a downtown bail court, wearing her strange smile with her tiny frame glasses and now charged with second-degree murder.

Defence lawyer Calvin Barry said the Crown has a “strong case” and is seeking her detention, but he will be seeking bail under house arrest conditions for the accomplished:

  • Rohinie Bisesar, 40-year-old MBA with an impressive resume in the business world and no previous record.
  • He wouldn’t comment on whether she knew her alleged victim and wouldn’t address speculation about her mental state or whether he will seek a psychiatric assessment.
  • He wouldn’t comment on Bisesar’s mental state, saying only it is “too early” in the proceeding.
  • She is very upset, very traumatized and never been in prison before.
  • According to local media, Bisesar was always looking job in finance during the past 3 years, reading about the economy, laundering her single suit and showering in exercise places. She spent her nights much like the panhandlers did, sleeping on subway trains and in the maze of tunnels and shops beneath the financial district, where she had once worked.

Trueman MacHenry of York mathematics professor said: “Most of her friends noticed the deterioration of Ms. Bisesar, a onetime computer technician at York University, it was harder to know what to do about it. She was in hospital at one point, said one of the few friends who remained in touch with her in recent months. But she spoke about her homelessness as a rough patch, and if she realized she was struggling with serious mental-health issues, she never talked openly about it. She was very friendly, she was very good with people, she was bright.”

Dr. MacHenry, 80, who provided cash for her occasional coffee and food, knows Bisesar when she worked at York in her early 20s, a self-taught tech whiz who fixed his computer.

After receiving her MBA in 2007, she got a job at financial-services company GMP Capital in 2010 and was in the job for only eight months. She racked up credit-card debt and was dumped by her live-in boyfriend.

“I tried to keep her from starving to death,” Dr. MacHenry said.” We would talk about politics and finance, and Ms. Bisesar explained her street life of sorts.”

“Rohinie Bisesar bought a gym membership downtown, using it as a place to bathe and sleep until staff asked her to stop. Then she tried sleeping on the subway, a dangerous situation that she disliked very much,” Dr. MacHenry said. “She slept in corners of the underground city and she told him she couch-surfed. The idea of staying in a shelter never came up: She was kind of a patrician.”

In her daily routine for the past six months, she arrived Starbucks early in the morning and stayed until closing at 6:30 p.m. 1 Adelaide St. E., Toronto. She sit in Starbucks location recalled her sitting at a communal table with a sign advertising financial-advice services. She drop off her résumé in the local down offices to get the job.

First, after the incident, media reported that her parent from India, but they originally from Guyana, own a small shop on Danforth Avenue, Toronto. According to the media, her parents had tried to get her medical help and she had spent some time in a hospital. Her uncle had also taken her in and tried to help her financially. Ms. Bisesar told Dr. MacHenry that her family had thrown her out. She told friends she did not want to go back to the hospital.

For the past few years, she acted oddly and giving out cards with the names of fake businesses and sometimes putting out a sign soliciting financial clients.

How about lets take care of Americans/Canadians before we bring in a bunch of foreigners

It is extremely rare for NRI people with mental illness to become suddenly violent. But when it happens, it tends to be after the NRI people has begun losing touch with the social, immediate family members and medical system. The people working in office often try to hide mental-health problems.

Thousands of people have high functioning capabilities like Rohinie Bisesar and then BOOM! one day, they cannot function like that anymore and their illness takes over.

Among solved homicides in 2011, the large majority were committed by someone known to the victim. Homicides committed by strangers accounted for 15% of all homicides. The rate of homicides committed by strangers (0.2 per 100,000 population) fell for a second consecutive year, reaching the second lowest level in over 40 years. Just over one-third (34%) of these homicides were related to drug trafficking or gangs.

Now take your feel good story and lets place a homeless veteran in her place. Someone who has sacrificed their life for the betterment of our country. Someone who has mental issues because they have seen death and destruction first hand and who have been turned away by our politicians. How about lets take care of Americans/Canadians before we bring in a bunch of foreigners who are out to change this country to a 3rd class nation they live in…….Gary Singh Grewal