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Updated, Sep. 15, 2006

NRI Kimveer Gill, Montreal native gunman called himself 'angel of death',
kills One and injuring 20

Montreal, Sep. 14, 2006
Raman Singh

NRI, Sikh young man, Kimveer Gill opened fire at a Montreal college, killing one Anastasia DeSousa, 18, business student girl and injuring 20 others, called himself the Angel of Death on the Internet. He was editor of an online at the website He was dressed in black, mohawk haircut, wearing a trench coat and armed with a rifle when he arrived at Dawson College on Sep. 13, Wednesday afternoon. It was lunch time and the school was packed when the he entered through the main doors and headed to the cafeteria. "He was shooting randomly. Four victims still in intensive care

More than 10,000 students attend the Dawson junior college, which offers a two-year pre-university program or a three year technical program.College is closed until Monday. The students collapsed on streets as they tried to flee, and some of those lying on the ground were trampled by others as they ran away.

Montreal police confirmed that the officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect and he was hit by one officer. Nearby office buildings and schools were evacuated, surrounding streets were shut down and Montreal's green subway line, which serves Dawson College, was closed for several hours. Cellphone networks were jammed because of the number of people trying to dial out from the area.


Kimveer Gill said he was'ready for action'

  • In his profile on, a website devoted to Goth culture, Gill called himself "Trench," and wrote: "You will come to know him as the Angel of Death."
  • He is not a people person. He has met a handfull (sic) of people in his life who are decent." But he writes that he finds the vast majority to be "worthless, no good, kniving, betraying lieing (sic), deceptive."
  • His last six journal entries Wednesday was posted about two hours before the shooting. In the latest one, Gill extols the virtues of a morning quaff of whisky. Other posts Wednesday deal with topics as mundane as dry contact lenses, purple freezies, and eating eggs and toast for breakfast.
  • "Work sucks … School sucks … Life sucks … What else can I say?" he wrote. "Metal and Goth kick ass. Life is like a video game, you gotta die sometime."
  • He likes drinking, owns 300 CDs, prefers Burger King over MacDonalds and says "heavy metal rules."
  • A photo gallery profile includes pictures of Gill brandishing a Beretta CX4 Storm semi-automatic rifle. In the last seven photos, he is wearing a black trench coat and holding the rifle. The caption below the last photo reads, "Ready for Action."
  • He was a shooter and said he was obsessed with weapons, violent video games and the Goth subculture. It was also reported that he had threatened violence on his website.
  • He wrote in his blog that he hated humanity and wanted to die "under a hail of bullets."
  • "Turn this world into a cemetery. Crush anyone who gets in the way. Leave a river of blood on your way. Leave a river of blood in your wake."
  • "Lived fast died young. Left a mangled corpse."
  • Rock and Roll baby!" reads the caption below another photo, tongue outstretched, holding up a black semi-automatic weapon with one hand and making the sign of the devil with another.
  • He dislikes: "The world and everything in it."
  • "But to be more specific," he continues, he hates jocks, preps, country music, Hip Hop, "all those who oppose my rule."
  • He seems to harbour particular disdain for authority, including police, "all the government on Earth," "bible-thumping know-it-alls" and God.
  • Gills list of favourite music groups is a who's who of heavy metal: Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Iron Maiden, Danzig and Metallica, but only the "old stuff."
  • His favourite movies list includes mostly gory horror films. He enjoys violent video games including the controversial "Postal," a first-person shooter game, in which the protagonist goes on a killing spree while completing everyday errands.
  • A questionnaire on the blog reveals both banal and disturbing insights into Gill's life.
  • However, responding to the question, "How do you want to die?" Gill replied "like Romeo and Juliet - or in a hail of gunfire."

According to La Presse, on the morning of the rampage, Gill made a new entry in his blog, asking readers to listen to a song by heavy-metal group Megadeth, whose refrain proclaims in French and English:

"A Tout Le Monde (to everyone)

"A tout mes amis (to all my friends)

"Je vous aime (I love you)

"Je dois partir (I must leave)

"These are the last words

"I'll ever speak

"And they'll set me free"

To a question posted on the website asking how Gill wanted to die, he wrote "like Romeo and Juliet or in a hail of bullets," La Presse reported


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Kimveer Gill

Officers pulled the gunman's body

Anastasia DeSousa was shot and killed