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NRI Lakhvinder Singh Kahlon accused of killing his 18 months old daughter in Delta City


NRI Father confesses for stabbing death of his two year old daughter


Delta, B.C., Canada, Jan Feb. 03, 2009
Lachman Singh

NRI Lakhvinder Singh Kahlon, 48, a drywalle, pleads guilty to second degree murder in the strangling death of his toddler daughter last year.

The court admitted Kahlon's guilty plea after a psychiatrist testified about his psychological state. The court also took into account the testimony of a police officer who posed as a prisoner and spoke with Kahlon.

Kahlon told the police officer that the toddler became victim of his frustration after his fights with his wife over their financial situation.

The plea automatically carries a sentence of life in prison. Parole determinations will be given Thursday. Under the Criminal Code, Kahlon must serve at least 10 years before becoming eligible for parole, according to Crown prosecutors Donna Ballyk.

Kahlon's friends told media that was depressed about not having a male heir. Kahlon was distraught over not having any sons but it was denied by family members

Manjit Kahlon told the media in 2008:

  • Her husband had suffered from depression since 2004 and he had once tried to commit suicide.
  • His medical condition and that his depression went back much further than the birth of their third daughter.
  • It is wrong statement by tenant and neighbour that:
    • her husband’s attitude and depression developed because of her third daghter's born
    • her husband had spoken dirty language to girls

Manjit Kahlon was not in court for the guilty plea. She said the donated funds are being used for her daughters care and not in those of her inlaws or towards her husbands defence.

NRI Lakhvinder Kahlon killed baby daughter Because He Wanted Son

Delta, B.C., Canada, Jan 21, 2008
Lachman Singh

NRI Lakhvinder Singh Kahlon, 47, was arrested on suspicion of murder and accused of killing his 18 months old daughter in Delta City near Vancouver because he wanted a son instead of a daughter, the source said. He was unhappy having a third daughter over two daughters age 9 and 12.

According to media, on Friday about 9 a.m., Delta police Const. Paul Eisenzimmer said the child, Rajwinder (Ravi) Kahlon whom he described as a "toddler," was dead. Lakhvinder Singh Kahlon in the house at 7888 116 St. was arrested.

A family friend said Lakhvinder's wife Manjit had taken her two elementary-school daughters to school on Friday morning and when she returned home minutes later, she discovered that her youngest daughter had been killed.

It did not confirmed by the police how Kahlon killed the daughter, but the neighbours said his wife told them that he had slit her throat. They also told that he treated her rudely. Another neighbour saod that the baby girl had been stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife

"Murder is a brutal crime," authorities said. "Detectives worked to ensure this murderer never has the chance to harm anyone else. He killed his own child because she was the wrong gender."

Records from the Land Titles Office show that the family home, with an assessed value of $404,200, had two mortgages registered against the property.

On Monday, the devastated family said, "the media to refrain from all speculations about the tragedy and the girl's mother Manjit is extremely and understandably distraught at what has taken place with her family. Her little girl was vibrant and precious. Please respect that we are grieving."

The Court will now decide whether Kahlon is fit to stand trial when he appears before it again February 15, 2008. He faces first-degree murder charge. He looked deeply pressed when he appeared in court on Monday. Looking Kahlon distraught, the judge ordered that Kahlon should undergo psychiatric assessment.

The defence lawyer said he would demand leniency for his client because of his mental state at the time of the crime.

Ujjal Dosanjh, MP and former Canadian health minister said: "I wonder how long South Asian women and girls will have to suffer at the hands of men. It is time for a drastic change."

Balwant Sanghera, a retired school psychologist and community leader, said he would propose stopping celebrations of boys' birth at religious places as a mark of respect for the murdered girl.

Lakhvinder Singh Kahlon was working in construction as a drywaller but had not been working recently. He is clean-shaven and does not drink. Manjit Kahlon, had worked as a seamstress

Lakhvinder Singh Kahlon belongs to Punia village near Nakodar in Jalandhar district.



Rajvinder Kahlon, 18 months old girl stabbed to death by her father in Delta City near Vancouver

  • Father was distraught over not having any sons but it was denied by family members.