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NRI Gurmit Dhak, a well-known figure in gang circles, shot in a targeted restaurant
One shooting a day, certainly not a shining example for a Vancouver soon to host the 2010 Olympics
Gun-related crime is becoming the norm on weekend nights in Vancouver

B.C., Canada, Sep. 17, 2007
Lachman Singh

Two masked gunmen, who opened fire through the window of the posh Quattro restaurant, hitting Gurmit Singh Dhak, 29, in the back and sending him to hospital with serious abdominal injuries. He was out on parole Saturday, accompanied by his brother and several friends and was one of 25 people celebrating a birthday at the upscale restaurant at Quattro about 11 p.m

This shooting took place a month after two gunmen burst into the Fortune Happiness restaurant in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood at 4:30 a.m. on Aug. 9, killing two people and injuring six. The Police did not make any arrests following Fortune Happiness shooting

One woman, 21 was also shot four times in the leg during the incident and after several operations, she has been released from hospital.

Vancouver Police Dept. Const. Tim Fanning said:

  • We deal with almost a gun a day
  • At the weekends, five incidents involving guns is unfortunately something that we see all too often in Vancouver

Gurmit Dhak

  • He has been associated with a criminal organization dubbed “Billy’s Crew.”
  • He was charged two years ago with uttering threats to Vancouver police when he was stopped driving his Lexus SUV after it had been shot up outside Club Uranus, a strip bar in Vancouver.
  • He is known to have gang affiliations and was jailed after shooting another male in the face in 2003.
  • When Dhak was a student at Charles Tupper Secondary in 1990, he was already on police radar.
  • In 1997, he was charged of driving without a licence and had associated with gang members.
  • In 1999 at Madison’s nightclub fight, while driving in a Toyota 4-runner, Dhak and his associate Cuong Manh Nguyen gunned down Vu with a Glock handgun was arrested and police discovered two loaded guns and three balaclavas hidden in an air bag compartment in the vehicle. These guns were determined through ballistics to be linked to a December 1998 shooting of five men at the New Lucky Garden Restaurant. He was initially convicted of second-degree murder, but had the charge reduced to manslaughter on appeal.
  • According to court records, he also has convictions for assault and possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.