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UK NRI bank manager jailed for defrauding Barclays Bank of more than £500,000

London, Feb. 2, 2007
Darshan Sahota

NRI Rajesh Patel, 36, a chartered accountant of Sutton Coldfield, has been jailed for three years for defrauding Barclays Bank of more than £500,000. His salary was £200,000 a year as a head of finance control at Barclays in the City of London.

Patel received £161,000 over four years by using a company credit card.

The judge said, "You have lost your job, ruined your career, lost your home and good reputation. You only have yourself to blame for this. It is sad to see a man of your previously good reputation and skills here. The motive, to put it bluntly, was greed"

The judge said: "It is necessary to punish you and mark the public disapproval of such large scale dishonesty."

In June, it was discovered when a 101,000 pound cheque was returned from a property company and Barclays found Patel had inserted the figure '10' before a payment of 1,000 pound.

The Metro newspaper reported that he spent most of the money on a 750,000-pound house in Westminster,

He pleaded guilty to charges of misusing the company credit card and deception.



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