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UK Consultants cheated 6200 pounds Bangalore couple by Offering job

Bangalore, Jan. 28, 2007

I am Anitha Suresh from India. I am really sorry to disturbing you like this, I felt you may help(not funds) me.

We live in India(Bangalore), have 8 year old daughter. We were applying for jobs in UK, 5 months back two people sent mail saying they are consultant and lawyer for SHELL company in London.

Offered job in SHELL in London, sent contract papers of Shell, my husband signed and sent.

They told in one months time you should be here. My husband was working for Motorola, their notice period is one month. He resigned the job.

Then they started asking money for immigration first, then for police clearance etc one by one. We sent totally 6200 pounds to his accounts in London banks.

Then he started asking for 9200 ponds for opening bank account in London. That time we felt something is wrong and called up SHELL, they told no one by there names of consultant or lawyer, job offer is fraud, don't send further money to them.

We sent all the details to UK police, bank details of money we sent everything. They told they will look into it through mail.

Those two cheaters still free, police have not done anything they used to send us mail after one month of giving complaint.

Many times we wrote mails to police and asked, but they have not done any thing. We have given all the details, all the information to UK police.

My husband called up those cheaters and asked them to return back our money otherwise he will come to London and go to police. They said you Indian cannot do anything.

Our money has gone through wire transfer, it is so easy to trace them, Why police do not want to help us.

The money what we sent was in lacks for us, we still not able to come out of that shock.

My husband was wandering for job two months, recently he joined HP.

From the car we lost everything, all our dreams are destroyed, to clear all funds taken from others takes 5 years.

We have never cheated anybody, why we have been cheated, and made our lives miserable.


My request, Please guide us how we can go about it, at least to get back our money.

We do not know anything about UK. Still husband is searching for job in London, so that he may come and do something for our money.

We are thinking whether coming to London it self go as a waste.

Please and please help us. If require I will send all the papers related to this.

Thank you very much.

Anitha Suresh
Ph 91-80-25654400
Email :





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