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NRI Inderpal Narula, jailed for dumping millions of letters

London, November 22, 2005
Ashok Malhtra

NRI, (non-resident Indian) Inderpal Narula, 33, and Royston Heaton, 42, directors of postal company, disposed of more than 360,000 letters and parcels.-including vital hospital blood test results, university acceptance letters and charity mail

This is Britain's largest ever mail destruction case and both jailed for two years yesterday. The firm's forklift driver, Bulgarian Zhivko Antov, 26, from Acton, was given a nine-month suspended sentence.

They netted at least £3.2million as their company dumped 2,700 kilos of post daily over a year

Southwark Crown Court, Judge Andrew Goymer ordered Narula, from Burnham, Berks, to pay £500,000 and Heaton, from Holton, near Oxford, £400,000 in compensation within four months. Judge Andrew Goymer gave them four months to find the money or each suffer a further two years in jail.

Their company, Mail Logistics was contracted to deliver post in bulk internationally and at a cut price for companies, but instead of carrying out their duties, Narula and Heaton got Zhivko Antov, a 26-year-old Bulgarian forklift truck driver, to dump the letters in three huge skips across London.

The court heard that the pair earned between £30,000 and £40,000 in 2002, but pocketed £1m each by simply not paying for the mail to be delivered. In 15 days Narula and Heaton ordered Antov to dump 368,718 pieces of mail. Narula told Heaton , "Don't worry - if we get caught we can blame it on the staff."

After receiving complaints from overseas magazine subscribers, Royal Mail became suspicious . Heaton's private computer was seized which contained "incriminating e-mails"

Both spent their money on luxury houses and fast cars, but Antov received only his normal wages.


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