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NRI community leaders honor Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice Chancellor of Punjabi University Patiala at Los Angeles


Sikh intellectuals meet and honor Dr. Jaspal Singh at Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Aug. 08, 2011
Dr.Baljeet Singh Sahi.

A Dinner  Meeting of Sikh intellectuals, scholars  and Sikh community leaders of Southern California was held at Fullerton/ Los Angeles area in order to Honor Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice Chancellor of Punjabi University Patiala, India. About 200 persons attended the meeting. Dr.Jaspal Singh was accompanied by Professor Dr. Sarabjinder Singh, Head and In- charge of Guru Granth Sahib Studies Department, and Dr. Arvinder Singh Chawala, Registrar of Punjabi University Patiala.

Dr. Sarabjinder Singh spoke in detail on the religious terms “One Granth, One Panth and One Maryada”, which is a precious traditional Sikh heritage gifted by our Gurus. "This heritage should be preserved for present and future generations so that this can be fully protected and adopted within our own minds and souls" he said. The meeting was organized and hosted by Dr. Jasbir Singh Mann. Speaking to the invited guests Dr. Mann said that the heritage of Sikhs is totally based and dependent upon the  only one Granth  “Sri Guru Granth sahib Ji”; Holy Bible of Sikhs, which must be protected and preserved in original. Guru Gobind Singh Ji ordered the Sikhs in his last command to accept  only Sri Guru Granth Sahib as only living Guru after his demise in 1708 AD well documented in all Indian, Persian, and European contemporary and near contemporary sources.

  Dr. Jaspal Singh, vice chancellor highlighted the developments and achievements of Punjabi University Patiala in various fields and works of different departments. He said the need of the hour is formation of Guru Granth Sahib Bhawan at Punjabi University Patiala. Which will conduct advanced studies and research work in Sikhism and other religions of the world. The research work at the university will not only help gaining knowledge of Sikh Religion in particular but other religions of the world as well. This work in the field of Sikh heritage shall be a guiding ray of light for the present and future generations to come.

Dr. Baljeet Singh Sahi, addressing the gathering stressed the need to follow the religious heritage and its principles laid down in the Guru Granth Sahib. He, on behalf of Sikhs for Preservation of Sikhism and Sikh Heritage,  presented a memorandum to the vice chancellor to take a strict view and act against those who try to distort the principles of the Guru Granth Sahib by any means.

Dr. Mann thanked the vice chancellor for providing full knowledge of Sikh heritage and advanced research studies work being done at the university. He was grateful that the benefits of these facilities at the university were also available to the Sikh community in Diaspora. Dr. Chawala, further highlighted the achievements and activities of the university at Patiala. Among the large participants of prominent Sikhs of Los Angeles were Dr. G.S. Marwaha, Dr.Hakam Singh,Dr. Raminder Singh Sethi, S. Raminderjit Singh Sekhon, Dr. Harjot Singh, Dr. H.S. Sahota, S. Surinder Singh, Dr. Gurmail Singh Sidhu,Dr Inder Singh, Dr. Mohinder Singh Ji and several representatives of many local Gurdwaras and Sikh institutions.