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    Narcotic seized in Punjab among the highest in the country

Los Angeles, Feb. 08, 2011
Gary Singh/ Col Satinder Singh

  • About 66% of the school students in the state consume gutkha or tobacco
  • 33% of male student has taken drugs
  • 10% female student has taken drugs
  • The amount of narcotic substances seized in the state has also been among the highest in the country
  • Amritsar city consumes more than Rs 1 crore worth of liquor everyday
  • Smack is easily available at all the schools and colleges in the border area.

We can imagine how the money revolving around alcohol and other drugs might control people in government. The money used in drugs lead f corruption and politics influencing these things. Students would try to get high in any way they could by consuming glue fumes, cough syrup, uppers, downers, bung/hash etc. A recent study by the Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar suggested that as much as 70% of young Punjabi men were hooked on drugs or alcohol

World's heroin now comes from Afghanistan, and its main route into India is through Punjab, via Pakistan. According to one police officer said, "What they do is put the contraband in large tyre tubes and float them across the water so that the person on this side of the border can collect it"

The landowners selling their property to feed their habit.The worst affected areas are in Amritsar's border area.

One community leadr said, "The police know exactly who sells the opium, charas, ganja, LSD, marijuana and other drugs."


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