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NRI Davinder Singh, Sikh taxi driver insulted by pear



UK pear arrested for insulting NRI Davinder Singh, Sikh taxi driver


Charles James Spencer-Churchill, Marquess of Blandford, commonly known as Jamie Blandford, 51, an English aristocrat and the heir apparent to the dukedom of Marlborough was arrested for “racially” abusing a NRI Davinder Singh, Sikh taxi driver by calling him a “Hindu” in Oxfordshire.

He is the eldest son of the 11th Duke of Marlborough is out on bail for further investigation. The Daily Mail reported that Davinder Singh, Sikh cabbie who had driven to pick him up from his farmhouse for an appearance at a court.

  • Baldev Said, “When I saw the Marquess of Blandford on the order, I was thinking he would be a polite gentleman but he is just a racist and there is no excuse for that.”
  • “It was just unbelievable. I can put up with rudeness but not racism. I was having trouble finding his house, so I called him up. He not only abused me on the phone but also called me a Hindu when I arrived,” he alleged.
  • Jamie Blandford also told him that he should remember that he was a guest in the United Kingdom and not a British. “I was completely shocked. I replied that I was a British,” according to Baldev Singh

Devinder has been driving taxi for the past 25 years and became so mad that he turned down the 120 pounds fare and drove off. He also said, “I would not take it, even if it was the Prime Minister and spoke to me like that.”

Devinder Singh also claimed that the peer had threatened him. “He told me I would never work for the cab company again. It was like he was saying he could do anything because he was rich and I am poor,” he said, adding that he might launch a claim for damages in the court.

Charles James Spencer-Churchill, 51, the aristocrat has more than 20 convictions for theft, drugs and motoring offences. His latest brush with the courts comes after he attacked a fellow motorist, almost crashed into a police car that was trying to catch him and was caught on CCTV aggressively tailgating drivers - all in separate incidents.

He admitted charges of dangerous driving, careless driving and one count of criminal damage at Oxford Crown Court. The Marquess was also found guilty of a number of related charges during a trial in Coventry last month, which could not be reported until now.

  • Lasr year, a motor trader was one of the drivers who encountered the aristocrat’s erratic driving in Oxfordshire and
    Spencer-Churchill became mad on him and cut sharply in front of him, forcing him to stop suddenly on the A4095. The Marquess then stopped in the road, blocking both lanes of traffic, and ran to the car shouting abuse and kicking the driver’s door.
  • In amother incident, he was going with high speed through motorway traffic, the vehicle veered dangerously in and out of lanes undertaking other motorists. When the officer tried to apprehend the Marquess, he sped off and at one point almost ploughed into the back of a Vauxhall Corsa.
  • On June 16, 2006.The police car was recorded travelling at 84mph in a 60mph area and 72mph in a 50 mph zone as it tried to keep pace with the speeding noble. Spencer-Churchill was eventually pulled over near Birmingham Airport in the midst of the morning rush hour

Spencer-Churchill was bailed to an address in South London, from where he can continue to attend the Priory Hospital, which specialises in drug addiction.

He will be sentenced for all of the motoring offences in September.





Charles James Spencer-Churchill, The Marquess of Blandford, also known as Jamie Blandford.

  • He was arrested for “racially” abusing a NRI Davinder Singh, Sikh taxi driver
  • He also admitted the latest motoring charges levelled against him