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V. Letchumy's four children swept away by a big wave of strong currents.


Malaysian NRI widow's 4 sons swept away by a big wave in a beach


KOTA TINGGI, Malaysia, Jan 28, 2009
Manu Patel

On January 25, 2009, V. Letchumy, 52, widow's four children- S. Netthiah, 17, Prasanah, 16, Gopi, 14 and Ganeswaran, 10, drowned at sea after being swept away by a big wave of strong currents.

The children were on school holidays and whole family was on their way to visit a relative when they requested their mother to let them go for a swim. About 11.00am, she told her nephew, Veerasamy, 22 to take them swimming at Tanjung Balau.

S. Netthiah, 17 and and Ganeswaran, 10 were recovered dead after 1/2 hour about 50-60 meter away. Gopi was found about 1/2 mile away at 9am, next day

Veerasamy, her nephew was survived and said:

  • Upon reaching the beach, all of us went into the water.
  • I came out because my leg felt painful and left them alone.
  • I heard screams for help and then saw them struggling.
  • I immediately jumped in the water to rescue them. I managed to reach Gopi and Ganeswaran’s hands before my grip was broken by a huge wave.
  • After I myself almost drowned and I couldn’t see them anymore, I limped back to the beach.
  • I feel sad because there were a few other people on the beach, yet not even one came to our aid. If they did, this tragedy could’ve been averted.

According to the local news media, 3-4 years back, her husband died of a heart attack.