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Tribute to NRI (Indian & American) Pioneers
celebrating American Independence and Indians getting Rights of U.S. Citizenship.

Los Angeles
Gary Singh

Seminar and Luncheon was arranged by NRI community in S. California and Gopio’s President Inder Singh. Community leaders and politicians were present to attend two events – grant of citizenship rights to Indians and America’s Independence – on Sunday, July 4, 2010. The event started at 11 AM at the Tandoor Cuisine of India, 1132 E. Katella Ave, Orange and includes one hour seminar paying tribute to Indian American pioneers. The topic of the seminar was be “U.S Citizenship Gained, Lost and Regained” followed by complimentary luncheon. There were more than 100 people present in the function.

Inder Singh and other speakers spoke on the following topics in details:

  • Indian immigrants started coming to the United States more than a century ago.
  • They faced many difficulties, suffered numerous hardships and encountered rampant discrimination.
  • In the beginning, they could find only menial jobs, but with their hard work and determination, some of them became successful farmers and businessmen.
  • The Indian community activists  also waged a long and hard struggle to gain rights of U.S citizenship and succeeded in getting a bill passed by the US Congress.

President Truman signed the bill on July 2, 1946, making a law to grant 100 Indian nationals to get American citizenship every year. After the subsequent liberalization of US Immigration laws in 1965, there has been a rapid increase in the Indian community and dramatic change in community’s contributions to the country of their adoption.

It has been a long Journey
Indians in America

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